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Product Reviews

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  1.  Amazing


    Ignore the reviews that say its rubbish, boring, not enough action bla bla. Its an amazing film, full of action, great storyline, fab actors and its mega funny what more could you ask for.

  2.  What can i say...


    bought it for my 17 year old girlfriend and she loves it, what more can i say. I thought it was the film but its 4 episodes though, still good.

  3.  Amazing & Funny


    My postman literally threw it through the door when he delivered it lol! It was screaming in his bag all morning, its really good but the screaming gets kinda annoying, great 4 the dog.

  4.  Buy this..


    Bought this for my LG Viewty (KU990) And it fits just perfect! Keeps it snuggle and warm, prevents scratches and keeps it cushioned. The fabric feels nice and inside its nice soft fabric well worth £3.49, get it!

  5.  Great present


    I bought it for my mam and she loves amy winehouse and she adored this album, the quality is so clear and crystal it has the mains song lyrics inside, nice case/s and has nice engraving on the CD, a must buyyy.

  6.  Great value for money


    pay 5.99 for them seperaste or 7.99 for them all? great films bought them for a gift they come within 2 days aswell

  7.  What a film


    Great film isnt as good as the first one but what films are!
    Woody & Buzz what a pair, its one of the best animated films out in my mind just a shame there wasnt anymore made! And at 7.99 for special edition dvd i thought it was a bargain, cheered my grandad up!

  8.  Great value for money


    Bought this for my little sister for her nokia 7373 and it works great and perfect and at 6.49 what a bargain!

  9.  Again.. value for money


    havnt watched this as i bought it as a present for someone it cost me £5 on here it hasnt even been out long and i thought that was abit cheap but it come within 2 days, perfect buy.



    Wow great actors, wow great storyline, wow great everything. This film has it all, full of great actors, the storyline is superb. Its my all time favourite film and for #3.99 its a bargain! You must get this film, whats 3.99? nothing. Ewan Mcgregor on the run from his creators with a random women after his alter ego to kill him and lead a normal life while also setting free the other clones? what can be more fun ( sorry if i ruined your film now) GET IT