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  1.  How can you hate this???????


    People who are giving this a poor rating have got to be off there heads! DiRT3 is amazing! the graphics are the best ive seen for a long while on a racer. Car detail is superb! As for the game, gymkhana is amazing and offers a superb challenge to get platinum medals for each discipline! (bob-sleigh challenge is amazing!) as for the usual rally, rally cross, trailblazer, raid and land rush etc. they are much better than there predecessors!! tracks are good and the online play offers great fun! especially in party mode, cat n mouse and invasion are my personal favourites.

  2.  Awesome!! simple as that.


    This game is the best racer i have ever played! Played Forza 2/3 on Xbox and this knocks the spots of them!! graphics are superb and the scenery is mind blowing. the handling is a bit tricky for a start, but i changed my controller configuration around to change the accelerator/brake to left trigger(brake) and right trigger(accelerator) and moved the manual gears up/down to the right stick. unlike a few reviews i have read i dont have a problem with the lag or tracks taking ages to load and none of my friends have either. all i done was downloaded the game to my hard drive at the start, but it does take 8gb up but this does make the game run smoother!

  3.  What a Game


    need something to get over the disapointment of black ops, then this is it! amazing Graphics, superb Ai and the control of your character is the smoothest i have ever come across on the Xbox and then there is the amount of Weaponry at your disposal. this is a must have purchase!

  4.  Quality


    writing this review based on the first 2 missions ive played this morning and im very impressed! good graphics and very good a.i for once! the missions are a good challenge and i love the role play with the other characters in the game which allows you or them to manipulate the situation or how the mission is played out. overall a good start and not as easy as you might think!

  5.  Mental


    I bought this game after a mate kept banging on about it and im so glad i did. after hammering forza 3 and need for speed shift(best racing game out there in my opinion!) i wanted something else and i got it! the handling is so much more sensitive and the fact you dont get a race line puts your driving skill to the test especially on pro mode with no flashbacks! good game overall very addictive worth a punt at 10 quid

  6.  modern campers!!


    This game has a brilliant campaign and special op's mode and then you go to play online and thats were the let down begins! This version of cod has given birth to a whole new breed of campers! Its sad and lets the game down!

  7.  Should u?, Shouldnt u?


    Like a lot of cod4 players, i wasn't looking forward to cod5 when they said they were going back to ww2 era. But, just downloaded the beta version and my initial opinion was wow but its been made even easier for the camping player! And why is juggernaut still on there with the universall dislike of it. After all that its pretty average. Hope the next 1 is an advanced version to cod4.