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  1.  Such Potential, Such a Letdown


    As a massive fan of The Walking Dead TV series, it has to be said that this game is a letdown. It's such a shame that Naughty Dog didn't get hold of this because they would have taken it so much further. This game comes nowhere near 'The Last of Us' which really puts this game to shame. The graphics are equivalent to a mediocre PS2 game and the game-play much the same. There are a few decent moments in the game, which is why I've rated it two stars. Only go for it if you're very, very bored AND a big fan of the Walking Dead TV series.

  2.  Gripping and Tense - One of PS3's Best Games


    This game is brilliant. Simple. It is everything that 'Walking Dead' could have been and a lot, lot more. As a fan of the Resident Evil series (right back to the PS1) I have to say that this beats it hands down. So much drama, great storyline, great acting and not cheesy or over the top. This is probably my favourite ever game for PS3 - just wish Naughty Dog would make another!

  3.  Peaches, Sledge and SNAFU...


    Before you sit down to watch this, please don't try and compare it to 'Band of Brothers' (despite BoB probably being the main reason why you bought this!). The Pacific is a belter, and any hardcore 'fan' of War Series will simply love yet another masterpiece from Hanks and Spielberg. It may take a little while to get to know the characters, but once you do you'll find they do actually have plenty of depth (the blossoming of Sledge's character from a young man into a soldier is an interesting sub-plot in itself). The action scenes are incredible and can be a little gruesome, but those are the harsh realities of war. You can only wonder where/what the next production is going to be.

  4.  This film is a gem!


    Having bought this film on the sole premise that it starred Damian Lewis, i was surprised to find myself dragged into a unique storyline with barrells of laughter. Lewis is as good as the celever storyline in this dark-comedy with plenty of laughs. I think that the DVD box might put people off as it suggests a dark, murderous plot! - which is simply not the case! This is a delight for anyone and certainly highly-recommended for the price!

  5.  Splendid


    This book is marvellous. You can't put it down once you start reading. If you love football (especially Liverpool fans) , music or politics (or all three!) then you will in no doubt enjoy this book. Highly recommended read! Extremely enjoyable.

  6.  Great Series


    The departure of the old Phoebe was the biggest loss, although Elizabeth Carlling is okay. Emma Amos is as good as Michelle Holmes as Yvonne, if not better. The best episode is without a doubt "the leaving of Liverpool" where Gary bumps into Ron's grandfather! Highly amusing. Great from start to finish.



    Best miniseries ever. Absolutely fantastic from start to finish, with all the special effects making it feel like you are on the frontline yourself (which all good war films do). Have watched this through twice and just can't get enough of it. Best buy ever. Damian Lewis is brilliant.