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  1.  What can I say, better than the PS3!!


    I've had my xbox elite since pretty much release date, and it's still working. It has it's moments, gets very hot and is rather noisy, but the graphics through the supplied HDMI cable are immense, i have also tried it through the normal hd/av cable at a mates and still the graphics are great. Online play through xbox live (34.99 - play.com) has to be the best around, far better than the ps3 online play. I have yet to use 80 of the supplied 120gb, but i got it for the fact it was full HD and black - a white console doesn't go well on a black stand which is pild with black technology. As for wireless, well Microsift really let themselves down, the console comes with at least 1 controller, which with the higher models os woreless and they work great, but for ages i was plugged into my router for online play... then i decided to spend £55 on play.com to buy the wireless adaptor, it works fine, but i would like to see 1 using 'N' technology and not be such a rip off to customers... especially as all the competitors are inbuilt wireless.... even the wii!!! Great selection of games and great Movie download feature, also with xbox live you can download game add-ons to get the most from your console and its games. Would recomend over ps3 everyday.... but against the wii there is no comparison, the wii is totally different, better for young active families, with an array of short games, but if it's graphics and games with proper campaigns your into, it has to be the xbox everytime!

  2.  Awesome game but.......


    The game, for me, was great, it takes quite a while to complete, if you do everything, and unlock all achievements, which i have yet to do. But, well, the bikes, i tend to use them in a race a lot more than cars, however, i feel there is room for improvement, the bikes just dont handle properly, sometimes you go into a wall and stay on your bike sometimes you come off, it can become really frustrating.

    I would suggest this as a buy to anyone with a fascination for cars, and who can spend the time to do the game properly, i have been playing this game for a while now, joining in with online play is great, i also love how vehicles handle differently in rain snow etc. And it is not just a scene thing.

    A must buy game, try it, i did, and im still loving it!!

  3.  Great game, but.......


    I really enjoyed the game, but i wouldn't suggest buying it unless you have the use of X-Box Live. I comleted the game in single player campaign, I thought it would be longer, but that didn't bother me, I was left with online play, i am not the highest rank, i have played nearly 200 online games, and it is so much fun.

    At the start i struggled with online play - then i got into the game, i used the matchmaking feature a load of times, and a few times, I did a co-op game of the campaign on XBOX live, with people I haven't even met.