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  1.  Loveable and Cute


    This is a real feel-good movie, saw it at the cinema and a few times since. Sandra Bullock is at her quirky loveable best, and for once Bill Pullman gets to be the lead romantic interest. Good for him, it's usually the Hollywood "pretty boys". The characters are sweet and likeable and the premise that she falls for a stranger and pretends to be his fiancee isn't too far-fetched. This movie gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and is a lovely festive film to curl up with.

  2.  Romantic and Charming


    I like Sandra Bullock and she is great in this as usual, Keanu Reeves will always be Ted from Bill'n'Ted for me though! His slow way of speaking and lack of animation aside, this was a lovely charming film and you did want them to get together, even though the ending was a bit confusing. Why didn't she recognise him as the guy she'd tried to save? I probably need to watch it again and pay really close attention to that part! If you're looking for a girlie romantic movie this is well worth a watch.

  3.  Fantastic


    Toy Story was an incredible achievement not just in animation but also storytelling, and the sequel lives up to its predecessor. The addition of new characters Jessie Bullseye and the Prospector is done in such a way as to not overshadow the original characters. Very heartfelt scene where Jessie tells her story and the song sung beautifully by Sarah McLachlan remains one of my favourite songs ever. I doubt Pixar will ever surpass the genius of the Toy Story films but that's nothing to be ashamed of, they're the best of the best and I believe kids and adults will cherish these movies for many generations to come.

  4.  Quirky and Fun


    The animation may not be as pretty as Pixar but that just adds to this films appeal. Quite spooky for younger kids, but enjoyable for adults and slightly older kids alike. An unusual premise and spirited characters make this stand out. Well worth a watch.

  5.  Enjoyable and Heartfelt


    I wasn't a huge fan of Ratatouille, Cars, or Wall-E so wasn't expecting a great deal from this but enjoyed it a lot more than than the previous three Pixar movies. This one had heart and the sequence at the beginning was so well done you really felt the presence of Ellie through the whole film even though she was only featured in flashback. The actual story itself was pretty thin and the little boy reminded me of a younger version of the Captain from Wall-E which was a bit distracting, but it's a sweet film and the voice actors have to take a lot of the credit for making the characters so engaging. The kids love it and as family films go it's right up there with Disney's best.

  6.  Such A Huge Disappointment


    I wa a huge fan of the show. Later seasons got progressively worse and by Season Eight many fans deserted it, with good cause. I stuck with it even though it was long past its best. As the finale episode felt to me like a damp squib, I was hoping that this movie would reinvigorate the franchise. How wrong I was. The script was dull, the plot laughable, the acting way beyond the usual deadpan delivery we were used to, more like comatose. The idea that it took the creators so many years to come up with this is bizarre. No wonder so many fans were insulted to think that Chris Carter would think we'd accept this as a worthy addition to the franchise. I wasn't expecting aliens but this was just moronic. It killed the franchise in my estimation. I used to love these characters. Not any more. Dire.

  7.  Brilliant


    One of the best animated movies you're likely to see, this film has heart humour and likeable characters. My kids and I have watched it many times and it still tugs at the heartstrings every time. Though I do get distracted because Jennifer Aniston's voice is so familiar from Friends and other movies and I'm not used to hearing it in an animated movie! All in all though a lovely film and even though it's not that similar to the original book which I read as a child I think this version is even better.

  8.  Saved by some funny scenes


    This movie was okay as far as family films go, my kids watched it twice when we rented it. It rattles along at a good pace and the scenes with the dumb boyfriend being mind-controlled are probably the highlight. The kid actors are good but I felt the aliens weren't that well done, the CGI could've been more original and they weren't funny enough to be wacky or scary enough to be menacing. More could've been done with them, their names I couldn't tell you after watching it twice (apart from Sparks the good alien). Not that memorable though the nana fighting the boyfriend scene must go down as the weirdest fight scene in history. Fine as popcorn entertainment but not brilliant.

  9.  Absolutely Brilliant


    This is without doubt my favourite Disney movie for many a year (I'm in my thirties) and my kids absolutely love it and they're boys and a girl aged between 8 and 13. We watched it four times in as many days and could watch it many more times, how many movies can you say that about? It has heart, soul, and bouncy catchy tunes, heartfelt emotion and humour. The animation is beautiful and the cultural setting a real breath of fresh air. Tiana is likable right from the start, just the right balance of vulnerability and feisty spirit. Great moralistic story too. Can't recommend highly enough. The influence of Randy Newman and John Lasseter really shine through. Hopefully a return to what Disney used to be best at. Supreme storytelling and great songs. ( My kids listen to the soundtrack all the time too).