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  1. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


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     Good......for a ps2 game!


    Bearing in mind this game is only for ps2 its a top quality game. Be a pro is one aspect that really stands out for me as you can play with your footballing hero or even create your own player! I was fairly impressed with the gameplay and the manager mode season is realistic too, on the whole its a 7/10 game (for ps2) and its worth the buy id say.



    Could possibly be the best fifa out yet. One aspect of the game for me is the Be a pro : season. Play as your footballing idol or create your own and play for whatever club you want to, play in the new 3rd person cam, which gives an utterly amazing footballing experiance! Players look more realistic than ever before and graphics blow you away! Game play is noticably different in fifa 09 than previous years. I rate this immense game 5 star and its a must buy!

  3.  ITS OK....


    Football manager 2009 is a new breed of FM's altogether. Its come on a lot from watching circles moving around and now has a 3D match engine and i cant complain about the managing options, still very detailed and precise but not quite as good as Fifa manager 2009, ( see my reviews ) i wouldnt reccomend this game as the spec needed for the 3D match engine is too high for the game play it provides. Updated news and features makes a fairly realistic managing experience, although i expected better.



    Running the lives of sims is just brilliant! Building a house for the sims to live in is personnaly one of my best tools on the game. Create and build as big as house as you want, include swimming pools and huge gardens for your sims to live in. On most games cheats makes the game boring, completely the opposite for this, money cheats make you able to build huge mansions and get amazing items such as do-everything robots, plasma TV's, Bear fur rugs that would usualy cost lots. Advance your sims' careers by researching jobs in the newspaper or on the internet, read books and study to be able to do handy jobs around the house too. I would reccomend this game to everyone, you just dont get bored!

  5.  NOT BAD


    Having owned this game for a number of years, i havnt played it much. Yes, the building mode is a good feature but really the whole game is just sitting not even doing anything, just watching the train go by. Its certainly not the most interesting game, but if you are a train enthusiast, then this game is ideal for you. Two different modes to drive your train, one just using two buttons to speed up and slow down your train and the other mode using the mouse to control brakes, accelaration and other levers and switches in a train cab. This game is certainly realistic in some aspects but gets rather repetative and boring after a while.



    Unfortuantly rugby 08 is currently the last rugby game out on PS2.
    The gameplay is brilliant, graphics are superb and tactical controls are outstanding! Anyone liking rugby and wants a ru game, then i would highly reccomend this game. Unusualy, the control are really easy to pick up unlike other rugby games. Play as any Rugby Union playing national side in the world in the Rugby world cup 2007. This game is truly LEGENDARY!



    Although the flying modes are realistic, the graphics arnt too good and doesnt really make that much of a difference on a different laptop/desktop. Plenty of missions to fly but there are much better combat flight games around, i wouldnt reccomend it.



    I still play FM 2005 despite owning FM 2009, i love the detail and options available to managers and the news tickers are also very realistic. Anyone wanting to buy a football manager game, i would highly reccomend FM 2005, as the only new feature on FM 2009 is the 3D match engine, apart from being slightly out of date i still think FM 2005 was the best one made. Training and other aspects of the game are in more detail than FM 2009! 5 STARS-MUST BUY!

  9.  MUST BUY!


    If you enjoy power and control but at the same time like history, then this is the right game for you! Control different factions of the Roman empire in the thrilling campaign or create your own battles and fight with your own units. Use tactics and special abilites of units to ensure victory. A great feature is play historic battle where you can fight battles actually fourght back in the day! This game is a MUST BUY! For just £4 and free delivery this jam packed amazing 5 star game can be yours, 100% worth it.



    Zoo tycoon complete collection gives loads more bonosus and items for a better gaming experience. Name your Zoo and set ticket prices, let your animals breed, sell your animals and adopt females and males! From performing sea lions to T-rex's in dinosour digs. Employ scientists and marine specialists, get tour guides to give your guests a thrilling time. Having played and currentlly owning this game, i would reccomend it to everyone!