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  1.  Game more in-depth than ever, but no resale value


    The game has gone to new levels in terms of detail and player interraction. You can now talk to your players more "calmly", "passionately", "assertively", etc which gets a relevant response from your players. Before the options could be taken either way by the players. The player profile screen is an inprovement and the visuals in-game are also improved. The only downside that I can see, so far, is that the game HAS to be played through Steam. I.E, it cannot be played off-line. Also, the Steam code can only be used once (not sure if you can purchase new codes) so the disc has no resale value. The fact that you can buy the game for the same price through Steam beggers the question: "why bother selling the disc in the first place?". So, in summary, game as good as ever but beware that Steam code can only be used once, meaning the disc has no resale value

  2.  Great book from a great player


    I bought this book for £3.99 as I am someone who normally doesn't have the patience to sit down and read books. I picked up the book during a power outage and couldn't put it down. It really was that good. For any fan of football, let alone Liverpool or Steven Gerrard, I truely recommend that you buy this. It is a great insight into the mindset and growing up of one of the game's modern greats.

  3.  Not as good as Football Manager


    The game is ok. I say this because I have also played Football Manager 2007 which knocks the socks off this. The transfer system on this game is quite frustrating and the stats on the players based on their real life technical ability seems quite generous with some players and underestimates some clearly world class players. i have always been a fan of the Championship Manager series but it has to be said that when the game producers left to create the Football Manager series, they took the best parts of Championship Manager with them, and improved them.

  4.  Novelty soon wears off


    At first when picking up the game you will be amazed at the level of detail in the graphics, and the interactive scenary in the game (any building or vehicle can be destroyed). However, the stories in the game are quite repetitive. Having read the product description I imagined a Grand theft Auto style free flowing game which would have appealed, all this does is to tell the story of the film, which is great if that is what you are looking for.