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  1.  GORGEOUS!!!


    Absolutely love this item. Really chuffed at quality and get a lot of compliments. Very suitable adult jewellery!

  2.  rubbish


    I thought this game was terrible! Don't buy it. It's just mini games and they are repeated again and again as you move through the levels. I hate this game so much I will never play it ever again.

  3.  Don't Buy This!


    This is a teeerrrriiibbbleee game I took it back straight away. It barely even tells you what to do then you're thrown straight into the game. I thought it would be a virtual pet game or something like that but it wasn't. It was just buying rooms that you could afford then clicking on the puppies but really I'm not that sure what your meant to do because it doesn't make sense.

  4.  very realistic


    I love this game because it's very realistic in the sense that you have to use all the instruments a vet uses, ask all the right questions, diagnose the illness properly and use the instruments when you should and where on the animal you should. I'm totally addicted.

  5.  Great


    I really enjoy playing this game. It's very addictive and i never get bored of it and the characters are so cute!

  6.  ......Ok


    This game is okay but can get quite repetitive. All there is to do is complete these little minigames without losing all your lives, but sadly on every level the minigames are the same and only get slightly more difficult. You can adopt this little furry thing and look after it though which is okay.

  7.  Good For Girls Between 5 And 8.


    I tried out my friend's game and thought that it was quite fun but very easy. It's mostly just mini games like catch the coconut, ring the bells, collect the fruit. You can unlock dresses, shoes and accessories when you complete a mini game successfully. This would be a good game for young girls who are just learning how to use the nintendo.



    I absolutely love this game!! I play multilayer with my friends all the time and we have a total blast! It's still good on story mode but even better on multiplayer. You can play as all the mario characters in lots of scenes and it's hilarious trying to get to the stars and complete the minigames before you opponents do. Brilliant Game You Have To Buy It Now!!

  9.  I Totally Disagree


    I am twelve years old and got this game as a present and totally disagree. At my age I am definately not a big Ariel fan but I still love this game. Me and my mum had loads of fun singing in to the mic and completing the tunes and it's really not that hard. You can collect human treasures for your grotto and clean them. Your goal is to help all rhe creatures of the sea after some recent sea slides. So much fun, great for girls of all ages.

  10.  Incredibly Fun!!!


    This Game Is Great For Girls Of All Ages Because It Is A Mixture Of Action And Creativity. You Start Of By Having To Find Items To Make The Face Of Your Imaginary Prince, Then As You Progress You Get To Do Dress Making And Be Different Characters Like The Little Chipmunk And The Prince. You Learn How To Defeat The Monsters With Your Sword When You Are The Prince So That You Can Progress To New York. I Have Been Playing This Game For About A Week Now And Haven't Completed It Yet So I Hope It Will Last A Lot Longer Because I'm Really Enjoying It.