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  1.  Bourne Supremacy with Bruce Willis


    Saw this at the cinema. It constantly reminded me of Bourne Supremacy. But with less exciting Directing and feeling. I even think there were references to that film. In the end, I was bored. Willis just seemed to old too be doing this action stuff.

  2.  Ok but not Hi Q


    This product does do what it says on the tin. However, I suspect it wont last very long as it is poorly put together, with gaps between the parts. A bit of muck in there and it may not work too long.The ball is pretty loose and not particularly accurate. Good job then that it also works in a conventional way on a desk pretty well. I have medium/large hands, typical male if you like,but this seems more designed for a child, fingers wrap around and overlap the buttons. Since the centre palm part is so small it is difficult to hold and operate the buttons at the same time, grip is minimal. This may well find itself as an emergency use mouse. No good for games.

  3.  What type


    Is this a type A micro or type B micro. Is it Male or Female - more info would be useful.

  4.  SOLID.


    I have a 250,500,this 1000 and the 1500 gb models.All have been totally solid.RELIABLE.Fast.I cannot fault any of them at all.They have outlived a Toshiba ext drive (lasted 13 months! of very intermittent use).I cant really find anything not to like about them,except that the 250 had a switch on the back,useful for offing when not being used..The others dont, but they do power down when the PC is switched off.But, this is so nit picking really. Thanks Buffollo. Keep on roaming the planes.

  5. Salt



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     Bourn for the rushes


    The problem with fictional films is that although they are make-believe, they should be believable (or overblown in a comic way). There are so many plot flaws in this film that believability is lost. A serious problem is the instant identical resemblance to Bourne.Except that Bourne was much better acted, directed, the plot was believable,and the upbeat distinctive music connected the viewer. Many will like this film for the obvious stuntmen/stuntwomen sequences,of which there are many.Too many.Characterization was bland and missing.Not my cup-of-tea,but close one eye and switch off your brain, and you could enjoy it for the adrenaline rush.

  6.  Profound


    A simple soundtrack,but it hooks you into the film with ease.Gives a human perspective of the war, and everyday Japanese feelings as reported in the letters of the Japanese General. An anti-war film with enough sentimentality and action to give both insight an entertainment. Makes you think. My 13 and 8 yr olds watched from start to finish in total silence. And made adult comment on the film and issues afterwards.Now that is amazing!

  7.  stable and accurate


    This is a solid built stick with some well written instructions, although W7 users may be a little confused by the control panel instructions. You should only need this to recalibrate if need to. Lots of buttons,memory maps,a locking rudder control and variable resistance screw under the base make for a comprehensive device. Best thing is that it IS stable on a desk. Buttons are quite well positioned for left hand whilst right hand jolts your stick. A switch allows use on a PS3 too.Now I am crashing the F35 in BF3 with much more style. Only had a few days but seems well built.

  8.  Rough


    I purchased this looking to mate it with one I already had from Index (still going strong). This though is a shoddy piece of copywork. Many many rough edges,unslippery clunking spring, the adjuster ring winds itself off. The hinge is a cheap rivet that fell out the first time I used it. Thinking I would fix it later, after running a marathon,skydiving and Baluga line fishing, I kept it. Yesterday I accidentally stood on it (very lightly). To my utter surprise the main portion of this totally instantly snapped in half. If I weighed half a ton and had jumped on it fair enough,but not the case.I am glad it broke on the floor and not pressed hard against my meagre forearm. the damage could have been pretty serious.

  9.  Good but not perfect


    A reliable stick,has lasted well. But doesn't vibrate for me at all. The stick is over big that makes the buttons a struggle to locate in the heat of battle. The rudder seems slow,and is separate from the stick so chopper flying is made much more difficult. Operating the rudder can also cause accidental use of throttle and movement of whole unit if not bolted down.Unless you have three hands you cannot operate stick,rudder/throttle, and buttons at the same time - play offense or defense but not both together. I am now back to mouse & Kb for BF3 and looking for a stick twister.Overall does what it says it does,but not to my liking.

  10.  Good Clear Sound


    Good clear sound,each pod has twin speakers.Bass is very heavy,but never distorts.Best kept turned down to a less deafening level as it swamps the treble if it is turned up past the 1/3 mark.Great for music or games.All wires & connectors for PC supplied with colour-coded cables.Very usefully the control panel has a 3.5 mm headphone jack,which cuts the speaker volume - no more messing at the PC rearend !The only grumble is that the speakers are quite tall and not very stable - I suppose this is the price for a smaller footprint and better quality sound.Overall,difficult to fault.Give it 4 stars,nothing is perfect afterall !
    EDIT 2011 : Having purchased a Xonar D2X soundcard,the quality of the speakers is clear.Turning the speakers on full volume,there is not even a hint of hiss or humm.None at all.Fantastic for beadroom producers and listeners alike.