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  1.  Perfect for sitting on the sofa with a hot chocolate!


    The first thing I thought about this book was that it was very realistic, with real-to-life relationships, scenarios and lifestyles, but with a romantic, fluffy, fictional frosting. How often do you spontaneously stumble across the Love Of Your Life, who kisses you once and flees until fate brings you together again? Hardly ever, but it doesn't matter, because this story grabs you and leaves you hooked and waiting for Romily's Happy Ever After. I could barely restrain myself from peeking at the ending!

    I found myself diving deeply into this book as if I was Romily Parker myself! She's an optimistic, romantic opportunist who never gives up hope - which is very likeable in a main character - but also comes across slightly arrogant too. She's fussed over by her friends, complimented all the time, pampered and precious. I felt like shaking her, too, at one part where she's so calm and collected and she doesn't fight back when people back-stab her!
    I loved the members of The Pinstripes, I half wished they were my best friends too!

    The author writes very descriptively; analysing every detail of every wedding venue and capturing every moment, even the ones that last a nanosecond. I liked it! It allowed me to stand in Romily's silver shoes and see things accurately through her perspective. The author made each character so life-like, which is why I'm rating this book 4 out of 5 stars!

    A great read if you're a hopeless romantic. Perfect for Christmas time too! Towards the end, I guarantee you'll be unable to put the book down.

  2.  A puzzle to piece together


    Overall, this story is very well thought about. All of Rosalind's experiences tie up with Jonathan's while the mystery of his ex-girlfriend Freya's disappearance is attempted to be solved.
    I couldn't help thinking some of the happenings were too convenient though, like Ros meeting the suspected kidnapper beforehand, out of thousands of people in London who could have met the description! And also happening to bump into neighbours and friends in the street who claimed to know some information on the predicament.

    However, the characters are very realistic and believable. Gina Blaxill portrays their troublesome teenage ways very well: staying out late and worrying their parents, meeting strangers on the internet, talking to the wrong people and getting involved in situations they shouldn't have been...etc.

    Thoroughly enjoyable and a gripping read - with a great ending!

  3.  A mix between a love and crime story


    Upon reading the synopsis I was expecting some sort of long-winded, injust trial in a court room situation with a solid outcome. Yet this story is more to do with a schoolgirl trying to juggle her reputation as a Mafia boss' daughter, caring for her broken family and living life as a normal Catholic teenager.
    Anya Balanchine has to grow up very quickly and most of her childhood had been snatched from her since witnessing the brutal death of her father.
    I found sympathy for Anya (although it's clear throughout the book that she didn't want to be pitied for her hard life) and found her likable! But, whether this was intended by the author or not, Anya portrayed little or no emotion during some pretty intense scenarios in the book. Some scenes are written matter-of-factly, cold and bluntly and aren't described in a way that you understand how Anya felt throughout them.
    Nonetheless, it's a thoroughly enjoyable book and very easy to read! You'll find yourself reading chapter after chapter in one sitting without realising!

  4.  A perfect film!


    This is a typically sweet and innocent Ghibli film! The romance between the two young characters is expressed through helping and supporting each other, rather than physical affection. Shizuku and Seiji inspire each other to better themselves and work out their future - and fall in love in the process!
    It's wonderfully animated and really cosy and heart-warming, perfect for escapism!

  5.  Powerful!


    The album art really does this album justice. Michael Jackson is standing up tall and proud in this album. He has decided to finally stand up for himself, as shown in songs such as 2 Bad, They Don't Care About Us, DS and This Time Around. The album is angst-ridden without being too heavy and angry without being offensive. Michael is putting people rightly in their places! So sit down, shut up, and listen to this masterpiece.
    I'd recommend skipping the first CD, as everyone knows his old classics, the 2nd CD is where it's at!
    The only thing I'd pick fault with this album is how You Are Not Alone has been dropped into the track listing and seems a little out of place amongst the other bitter, angry tracks.
    Highly recommended to any newbie to Michael Jackson's music, particularly They Don't Care About Us and This Time Around.

  6.  Very provocative


    Janet Jackson attempts to make a bold statement in this album, about her well-communicated interest in sex and promiscuity.
    As a newbie to Janet Jackson's music, I bought this album unfamiliar with any of Janet's music and I instantly fell in love with it. Although most of the songs have explicit, sexual lyrics, I couldn't help but stick the entire album on repeat for days.
    I recommend 'Island Life' and 'Like You Don't Love Me' - these are lush, summery, pop songs that could have easily influenced modern artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce today.

  7.  Another giant innovative step in music


    Before I comment on this album in its entirety, I have to thrust one particular song in your face with such enthusiasm and passion and it's, without a doubt, one of Michael's best!
    That song is 'Heartbreaker'. Michael sings it with such intensity, without any of his usual raspy, throaty, harshness but with sheer, honest emotion.
    There are intervalls throughout the song in which allow you to fill with dancing, and you find yourself busting a few moves without even realising! It's so damn catchy!

    Michael Jackson was a true innovator in music and this album proves it.
    The entire Invincible album is very clever. Michael wasn't exactly a spring chicken when he composed these songs and yet the general hip-hop/R&B genres of each song undoubtably attract a younger audience, rather than just his die-hard fans.
    THIS is the sort of stuff modern day artists are spending A LOT of time and money on trying to adapt into their own material as we speak!
    Michael Jackson did not only influence artists in the 70s and 80s, clearly, as some of Invincible's sick bass-lines and pulsing beats can be easily recognised on any Usher, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown or even Britney Spears track!
    Astonishingly, this is Michael Jackson's most underrated album to date. It's such a massive disappointment that the majority of music critics could only compare this to Michael's earlier, and better publicised, material and not as a well-composed album entirely in its own right.

  8.  Beautiful and captivating


    I must admit, it takes a few watches to properly understand this film. But when you do, you begin to notice the great attention to detail and all the symbolism to do with the rabbit Frank! It's brilliantly directed and also has a fantastic soundtrack. At this price it's definitely worth buying - it's almost as good as Donnie Darko.

  9.  Intense!


    This film was never supposed to be happy and light, judging by the play it was based on. The girls each have their own individual problems that need solving in order to improve their state of mind. Some scenes are extremely distressing and are quite difficult to watch at times because of the heaviness of the film and the darkness wrapped into the storyline.
    The dialogue is beautiful though, as the girls converse in poetry at times throughout the film.
    I wouldn't recommend this to comedy lovers as it really does dampen one's mood. I now have a headache!

  10.  Stunning!


    I fell in love with this poster as soon as I saw it online. I had to have it!
    It's simply gorgeous. The colour is lovely and the images are lovely and sharp. It's like Michael is actually staring at you! It's a must-have for all Michael Jackson fans - especially the ones who favour the Dangerous era/album!