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  1.  Really good but a bit hard to keep track of.


    This is a brilliant movie but its quite hard to understand, especially nearer the end!

  2.  Excellent Book


    this is a very very good read. the story line is gripping and thrilling but a bit depressing. I would still receommend the book

  3.  Don't Know


    I am on the edge about this game as I was a little disappointed.
    The graphics are very good.
    The archery game is the best one.
    I could not understand some of the instructions.
    The ice skating game was very hard to play as i really wanted to play it but my person just hardly moved even though i was following instructions.
    Teams are good.
    I like the different characters.
    I would maybe consider buying another game instead of this but is an overall good game.

  4.  Absolutely Amazing!


    I would give this book 1 million stars if I could. It is very gripping and an excellent read for all ages above about 11 or 12. The storyline is so great. Stephenie Meyer is one great author and you feel like you are the main character Bella Swan. I am reading New Moon right now so hopefully it will be as fantastic as this book was! :) :)

  5.  Good Film. A good girly thing for a sleepover.


    micksmayhem's daughter is writing this.

    Ya. I totally love this film! I have seen it like 4 times and I can't get enough of it as my friend and me watched this at a sleepover and we really enjoyed it! It is a must-have for any girly sleepover. Perfect with a bowl of popcorn! The storyline is great and Amanda Bynes plays the perfect part. The cast is amazing with Channing Tatum and an appearance by Vinnie Jones(I think)

  6.  IT is a classic old fashioned good horror.


    My daughter and her friend both watched part of this at a sleepover. They only watched part of it as it is 3 hours long and they were trying to watch 3 horrors. Anyway, they thought that it was really good and having seen some of it myself i quite agree. It is a good old fashioned classic horror film with a good storyline. It is not exactally scary but is freaky with a few odd moments. If you have a phobia of clowns then do not watch this film you will be screaming everytime the clown appears. Do not be fooled by the clown on the cover of the dvd as the actual clown in the film is much scarier but mostly when it goes all evil. A must-watch for anyone into horror films and the film has a good title and a suberb catchphrase ' it's back!'

  7.  The best stuff pack for Sims 2.


    This is the best stuff pack for the sims 2. The clothes are brilliant and i really liked the house items. I like the fact that it is just for teen sims as some other thing for teen sims are poor. Good for any sim lover or first time sim player as their first go at expanding the game. If you are bored with the sims 2 this will definitly get you playing again because of the different sterotypes that you can give your teen sims. Goth, sporty and socialite are the sterotypes. Very good game recomended for sure.

  8.  Open for Business. My Review.


    This is a good expansion pack for the sims 2 but is not the best one. The shops are a good idea but you could get them in sims 2 anyway.(some of them). The clothes are strange especially the gorilla suit. The bear outfits for the toddlers are weird. Some of the shops are better than the others. A good buy for a sim lover who wants to expand their collection but it is probably my worst sim game out of 5 but pets is annoying too. Quite Good but average, graphics good.

  9.  Good


    I got this for my daughter and she really liked listening to it. She kept on singing the songs for hours afterwards. She recommends tracks 2,7 & 8.

  10.  Really good, but not long enough.


    I really enjoyed this game and the idea of it was brilliant. I liked the different challenges that you had to do although some of them were tricky. The four models are really good and I like the fact they all come from different countries. The hair and make-up workshops are fun and I loved the designing clothes part! The catwalk was a bit tricky but it was fun. The photo shoots are really fun and are one of the best parts of the game! I wish that they had included more challenges in the game so that it was a bit longer. I completed the game in just under 2 days. Once you have completed it you can still do everything as before but there are no more challenges. It is good for anyone who likes fashion and I would recommend it. I wish that the game was a bit longer but I still enjoyed playing it.