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  1.  NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What a great debut. This bond is one if the best bonds ever. I should have seen it at the Imax but decided not to. I made a huge mistake by renting this film and have not even got it in my collection yet what a idiot I am .I could watch it about 3 more times and not get sick of it .it is much better than the last and I thought that was good but watching this one is a huge treat. I did not think Dan would be that good on his first bond film but I thought wrong .great action film very enjoyable great soundtrack everything is good and nothing is bad....................................

    Story line 9/10

    Acting 10/10

    Action 10/10

    Total bond 9/10

    It did not quite make 10/10 I might be being I bit unfair but I don't think it quite deserves 10/10

  2.  better than i fault


    This film is very funny.better than the episodes by far

  3.  the best bettle film of the year by a mile


    loved this film great film and not boring.cool monster and nice goro

  4.  ok very adverage


    I am being nice gave it 3 stars and they spoilt it at the end i hate to say this but for once a zombie film dont work for me and i have to say i nearly fell a sleep watching that film and it was not even late it seems to go on for ever and ever and ever...................

  5.  A real eye-opener


    I dont not know all that hepend in afican!!!!!!!!!!a great drama it turned out good in the end..........

  6.  still good


    there could make a lot more scary movies and still not muck them up.The 4th on is as good is all the other ones

  7.  a brilliant mike take of a lot of films


    this film is very very funny a great horror comedy spoof but not as funny as the first 2

  8.  brill


    an epic film cool bettle a great trilogy finshed of in style

  9.  best terminator yet


    great sc-fi film great action cool story the final piece to the jigsaw everything makes sense now............................

  10.  Want a laugh


    Dodge his great sports film it is really funny the way the film is and all the carters and every about this funny is funny just the way it is and everything.............