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  1.  Underrated


    One of the biggest talents of the century,
    her soulful voice carries such emotion,
    The album is a must have, if you're a fan of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, then this will blow you away,
    If only this girl could get some more recognition,
    she could take the music industry by storm!

    Also, check out the bonus track, Buttons, a fantastic slice of electro pop!

  2.  Such a shame


    It's music like this which makes me angry with the general public, Vanessa is a very talented women, she goes from strength to strength , with each album we've seen her mature from a young girl into a beautiful women.
    The album itself is fantastic, each song is brimming with personality and a message to which everyone can relate, they are all very catchy too, possibly too catchy in some cases.

    and yet this women hardly shifts any albums at all, after the first album she's struggled to sell anything which is a massive shame as the charts are full of shallow tasteless music at the moment
    So until Vanessa gets a break, she'll always be known as the girl who sang a song for the White Chicks movie.

  3.  Took a chance


    I wasn't a massive fan of Ashlee's previous offerings, i thought they were both pretty cliched and flowed within the same vein as any other punk rocking teenager who the whole world seems to be against, but now it seems Ashlee has decided to break away from the cliche and hired mega producer Timberland to help her
    and it really paid off, Ashlee's new sound is dynamic, fresh and upbeat, nearly every song has you tapping your feet in anticipation to get up and dance,
    although saying this, Ashlee still has one or two rocky edged songs in there which don't really fit in with the overall sound of the album but are solid tracks within their own right.

    Ashlee's voice is top notch and the production is just right, as you would expect from Mr Timberland, Ashlee is never forced to fight over the music, neither is she thrust to the front, her voice and the production compliment each other perfectly, helping Ashlee to produce 12 stunning tracks

    Stand out tracks are 'Outta My Head', 'Boys', 'Rule Breaker', 'Little Miss Obsessive', 'Murder', 'Hot Stuff'

  4.  No Angel Pt. 2


    After the massive success of No Angel, Dido had a lot of tension put upon her, but she took her time, not to be pressured anyone, she was trying to create a worthy successor to her fantastic debut.
    The album is great, sounds great, the lyrics are great, Dido's voice is great, everything is top notch
    It all sounds very similar to No Angel (NA), nearly all of these songs would fit snugly onto NA without a problem
    and that's Dido's flaw, she played it a little too safe and as a consequence her music doesn't sound as if it has evolved much.

    On it's own this album is fantastic, definitely worth 5 stars but when put side by side with NA, it loses a point for being too 'samey'

    Stand out tracks are 'White Flag', 'Life For Rent', 'Mary's In India', 'Sand In My Shoes', 'This Land Is MIne'

  5.  Brilliant


    I simply couldn't wait for this album and got it on pre-order from Germany, it arrived today, a day early!

    Anyway, this is definitely a career highlight for Alanis and she has Guy Sigsworth to thank for it,
    he has helped Alanis unlock a side of herself i'm not sure she even knew existed.
    The songs are diverse and keep you in suspense as you wonder what style of song will come on next.
    The album starts with 'Citizen of The Planet' it starts quite slow, with organic drums in the background, soothing Alanis' voice and then suddenly she belts out a massive chorus, the biggest i think shes ever done, her voice cuts right through you, its quite breath taking.
    The next shocker on the album is track 3 'Straitjacket' it too starts quite slow, but this time with a soothing techno beat in the background, then the song comes to life as Alanis does something shes never really done before, shes put a dance track on her album and its fantastic! It has all the complexity of an Alanis song, yet she's learnt to let herself go and have fun with her songs whilst still staying true to herself and her fans.
    Other standout songs, for me, are, Not As We, Versions Of Violence, Giggling For No Reason, Incomplete

    Either way, this is a fantastic album for Alanis, shes managed to reinvent her self yet still stays recognisable and never lets go of who she is.

    Also, the bonus tracks are all very good, they sound like bonus tracks, ie, they never out-do the songs on the album yet are still very nice in their own rights

  6.  Amazing!


    2003 Amy Winehouse released a groundbreaking new album, Frank, she paved the way for British Female artists, she won numerous awards and was praised globally.
    Now 5 years later, this fantastic album has been given a fresh coat of paint, boasting over 30 tracks and special packaging to boot.
    Containing early demos, live tracks and never before heard songs, this is the ultimate Frank experience.
    Even if you've bought the original Frank, like me, this is still worth every penny!

  7.  Reinventing? i think not


    The album truly lives up to its name, this candy is hard, hard to swallow.
    After all these years of Madonna churning out album after album, each one stood out as something new, fresh, different, even though American life may not have been her best, it was still very distinctive and didn't mesh with everything else in the charts at the time,
    and this is where Hard Candy's problem starts, this whole album could have been recorded by anyone, it just all sounds so bland and each song has a 'been there done that' feel to it,
    The reality is that this would make a fine debut for anyone and if it were a debut then i'd be rating it 4/5 stars but i've come to expect more from Madonna
    I just hope that she gives us one last ground breaking album before retiring

  8. 19


    Adele - CD

    25 New from  £5.80  Free delivery

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     Not better than the Winehouse


    The reason for my title is because you cannot compare these two, its like comparing a plank of wood to cheese, its completely irrational and you just wouldn't do it,
    Adele is fantastic, i've heard 4 of her songs on her Myspace page and they are all brimming with talent
    2008 is destined to be an amazing year for Adele, i wish her all the best

  9.  Awesome


    I'm a guy and i was very wary of buying a womens fitted top, but seeing as they only do womens skinny tops then i had no choice really,
    When it arrived i saw how vibrant the colours were, i took it out and the material felt very soft, the next day i wore it for college,

    Everyone was asking if i'd been working out, which i hadn't

    So guys, don't be afraid to buy this excellent T-shirt, you'll like it more than you expected

  10.  Tiny


    Last week i bought the superman T-shirt, skinny fit, in a medium size, i thought it was a really good T-shirt, vibrant colours, nice material,
    So i thought i'd give this one a try as i'm a fan of Jack and co,
    I didn't want this one as tight so i ordered a Large, all week i've been worrying over weather it would be too big or not,
    So today when it arrived i tried it on, it's bloody tiny, the medium sized Superman T-shirt was larger,
    I dread to think how small the smaller sizes are,

    So beware if you're bigger than a 10 then this T-shirt should be avoided, way too small fitting

    Shame really