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  1.  Great book for hamster owners


    I bought this book when I got my second hamster about 3 years ago, and I've found it to be invaluable ever since. It has sections on what food to feed your hamster, its housing needs, breeding info, species and pictures of hamsters so you can identify yours, and a section on illnesses and emergencies.

    It's easy to read and it's very quick to find information you're looking for. I'd recommend it for those who are thinking of buying a hamster and for people who've already got one.

  2.  Like No Other Medical Drama


    The dark 'edginess' of the show makes Bodies a gritty, realistic and addictive drama. It is perhaps an unfair comparison, but Bodies is like Holby City. Gone morbidly wrong. To be honest it makes most modern-day medical dramas look like they were made for children (this coming from a big fan of Casualty!). I think it's a must have in anyone's dvd collection, the acting, writing, prosthetics and directing are incredible.

  3.  Sincerely Funny


    Put simply without too much over-analysis, Flight of the Conchords is like a more realistic Mighty Boosh. But more endearing. And a bit more funny!

  4.  Wonderful yet different


    Despite their third album being radically different from Hopes and Fears and Under The Iron Sea, there are a few tracks on the album such as Love Is The End that is reminiscent of 'old' Keane. On the whole it's an uplifting album, and judging by the songs and the DVD counterpart, it certainly seemed to be an enjoyable album to make too.

    The CD and DVD combo is a must for Keane fans, and well worth spending the extra few pounds in comparison to buying the CD album on its own. And if you've got a compatible CD-ROM drive, you can access extras online from the enhanced CD. Well worth the money. :)

  5.  Wicked


    Personally, and just like someone else has said, the best three episodes of series 4 are included in this volume. It's a long wait to get the DVD, but it'd be totally worth it, especially with the fantastic performances given by all, especially Catherine Tate. And even if you're not a fan of Donna, or had another favourite as a companion, still buy this set, cos you won't be disappointed by the ensemble cast and fantastic storyline!

  6.  Simply Awesome


    Words can't quite describe the joy and excitement I get from playing Elite Beat Agents (and I've only had it for a day too!). The basic premise is there are three agents who go around helping others in need when they call for help. All you do is tap away to the music with the stylus, the more 'in-sync' you are, the more successful the mission.

    The game makes excellent use of the DS Lite touchpad and speakers. The various songs (including Y.M.C.A, Sk8er Boi and Walkie Talkie Man) aren't sung by the original artists, but are covered quite well by others.

    Some of the missions are rather hard (particularly if it's a fast track or you're on a higher level) and some can verge on the surreal (one example being a mission where a baseball player fights some sort of monster). Though there are others that could potentially bring a tear to your eye (if you do purchase this game, look out for 'A Christmas Gift').

    Overall the game is very enjoyable and could quite easily steal away a few hours when you could be doing something else. Only downsides are the storymode shown on the upper screen can get annoying and tiresome, especially if replaying a mission. And at times the music can be a bit loud, even if the volume is lowered (I'm guessing earphones would be appropriate if playing this on public transport!).

    But don't let the minor downsides put you off, this really is a great game that, in my opinion, would be a great starter game for a Nintendo DS novice.

  7.  Entertaining Yet Haunting


    I'm not a huge fan of films, but this is certainly an entertaining yet haunting film. The plot focuses on a man (Clay) who has a heart condition and a girlfriend who's yet to be introduced to his mother. Anyway, a matching donor heart is found and he goes under the knife...despite the anaesthetic not working. Here he learns a few home truths about those closest to him...

    It's an interesting film, certainly with a lot more scenes with swearing than actual horror, and is well acted out by the main cast. No real negatives come to mind other than the delay of the film reaching British shores (considering it was released November '07 in the US).

    Regardless, it's a good film to while away an hour or so and I'd recommend it to others.

  8.  Deliciously Thrilling


    I have a copy of this book and I have to say it's a fantastic read. The stories may be short, but the build up to the climax is worth it in these stories. Only criticisms are that it seems to come from a...middle class world if that makes sense (eg. business woman, artist, cello player!). And 1 or 2 stories don't seem to cut it, but I'd still recommend this to anyone, you're bound to find a story or two that'll be marked as your faves!

  9.  Great If You Like Obvious Comedy


    Personally Anchorman didn't do it for me. There were few laughs, and the whole film just didn't seem right. But judging by the other reviews it's obviously delightfully funny. If possible, view it before buying, otherwise don't bother.

  10.  Fantastically Funny


    What I love about Peep Show is the subtleness of the 'jokes' and how it's not shoved into your face like other comedies are. And it hasn't suffered the same fate as other comedies, which tend to get less funny as more series' are produced. A must have for your DVD collection.