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  1.  Stick to X-Men 1 and 2


    My god. How do they get a person as cool as Wolverine so wrong???
    Rubbish script.
    Rubbish plot.
    Rubbish acting.
    Rubbish CGI(The claws in the bathroom looked a joke)
    To sum up how bad this film is two words amnesia bullets.

  2.  Big. Dumb. Boring


    This is one of the most stupid films I have ever seen.
    It is boring. Way way way over the top, and it takes it's self way to seroiusly. Giant transforming robots are as are realistic as this film, yet this film is played dead stright.
    Avoid it seroiusly one of the worst films I have seen this year.

  3.  Fantasic. A must and not just for Star Trek Fans


    This is one of the best sci-fi films in ages. You dont have to be a fan of the tv show or past filsm to enjoy this wonderful bit of cinamatic entertainment.
    Fun and exciting this is what you want form a Star Trek film and from a great adventure film.

  4.  A one star film if ever i saw one


    Watch the first one then watch the second one. Then stop watching them.
    This is pathetic. With plot holes a mile long. Robot bikes that people can ride???????????
    Bale is terrible. A phoned in performance that is so flat.
    Avoid it. Watch the first 2 they are classics. This simply isnt.

  5.  WOW SImply amazing


    I can not say enough good things about this film. Its a masterpiece. Well acted. Well directed. From start to end I could not take my eyes off it for a moment. One of the best films this year. See it. Simple as that.

  6.  why. oh why.


    What to say about this piece of garbage. Terribly actored by Mr Cage. Stupid stuid idea. Awful ending. List goes on. Only good thing i can say is at least it was not as bad as the remake of the day the earth stood still.

  7.  Unfunny and painful to watch.


    Such a shame, i think the egos got to them. Just not funny. Not much else to say really. Get shaun of the dead instead. Much better

  8.  A must if you have Xbox Live.


    Get 3 freinds together and play this in 4 player Co-Op onlien and you will watch the hours fly by as hordes (and i mean hordes) of zombies fly at you from all angles.

    Yes it only has 4 levels currently but with AI generator makes sure zombies come from different area so it feels fresh every time.

    Single play is very limited as the computer controled charcters arnt as fun as playing with people or friends.

  9.  Best FIFA Game Ever


    Not JUst best FIFA game ever this is one of the best football games ever. I used to be well into the Pro Evo camp for football games but this changed it.
    The game flows now like never before. Just wonderful.
    They have also just released an xpansion for it for download where you can create you ultimate team and playu agaisnt people round the world. The time and dedication to put into making the teams is amazing and ive spent so long putting my team together.

    Highly recconmend,

  10.  Addictive


    I got this game for my mom for christmas and so far ive played it way more than her.
    i got this for her to bridge the gap between casual puzzle games and games with a plot and it seams to have worked.
    At its heart its a very simple puzzle game but the added plot and leveling up of skills keep this feeling new and fresh. If your a fan of puzzle games then this is a must get game, or its a great gift (esp at this price) to get casual gamers into more deeper plot based games.
    Me and my Mom both love this game