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  1.  Greatest Game Ever Made?... Most possibly...


    Having never played an MGS game before, i admit i was a little sceptical about whether or not i would enjoy the gameplay etc. Having seeing the trailers, the screenshots the gameplay footage that was released before it came out...Again i thought it looked GOOD, but not SPECIAL. And plus i have no idea about the storyline of the series, so again i was a little worried whether i would find the game as engaging etc. Anyway, I went for it due to all the hype and the reputation of the other games, i bought it, and what can i say... This game took my breath away, quite literally.

    The game is quite simply, perfection. I have all the great games of this generation (mostly on xbox360 to be honest) such as Halo3, Cod4, Mass Effect, Bioshock, GTA4, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, GRID, PGR4 and so on. Basically think of any great game and iv probebly got it and played it. Back to the point, MGS4 beats all of them. Hands down. If i could rate this game 6, 7 stars i would. It surpassed what i thought the game would deliver, it totally exceeded my expectations.

    To the game, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion the finest looking title on ANY platform i have ever seen. Yeah... they looked pretty in screenshots etc, but in realtime, the graphics are quite literally stunning. The gameplay is solid, every control is fast and responsive, character movements are frighteningly realistic and AI is very realistic. Basically, think of every aspect of a game, and this game perfects it. But most of all, on top of the fun factor, the game is THE most ENGAGING game i have played EVER. The story line just sucks you in, it sucked me right in and i dont really no what is going on, its just the way it is delivered.

    And to top it all, the online mulitplayer is amazing aswell! Its extremely smooth, and actually quite fast paced... which i did not expect at all. It actually surprised me how much fun it was. The ranking system seems very good. I havnt spent much time with the online section, so cant really comment to much, but as soon as i finish the single player, it seems fun enough to keep me playing MGS for a long time.

    Simply put, BUY THE GAME. If you dont have a ps3, here is the reason to get one. Everyone should experience a game of this calibre. It is one the greatest games ever made in my opinion. BUY IT.

  2.  Excellent piece of kit, highly recommended!


    Bought a ps3 only 3 days ago along with resistance fall of man, heavenly sword, and uncharted drakes fortune. I own an xbox 360 aswell so i am able to make a reasonable comparison. The ps3 looks extremely good, looks alot more 'next gen' than the xbox. It also runs alot better than the 360, its alot quieter and runs alot smoother and faster. Uncharted drakes fortune has absolutely stunning graphics, graphics i have yet to see on the 360 yet, however there are games that come very close such as Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed (which is also on ps3). Just the vast colours and lush environments in uncharted tops any game i have ever played.

    I can see excellent potential for the ps3, when new games start appearing and the PSN expands. Which it really needs to in my opinion. As i have had the 360 since it came out, Xbox LIVE, i have to say, is MILES better than PSN. The amount you can do on Xbox Live compared to PSN is ALOT. Whilst playing games i want to be able to view send and receive messages. Which i cant do on my PS3. I want to be able to press the PS button like i do my xbox button, and then i am able to private chat people, message people, join a friends game in progress, invite people to a game, even choose what music to play whilst im playing games. That, the 360 can do, and the PS3 doesnt! I mean, i cant believe i cannot play music whilst playing games lol :S?

    I love the PS3, i believe in the long run it will have superior graphics and run games better than the 360. But it just doesnt feel as complete as the 360. The 360 feels almost like a community, once you have xbox live its as if the 360 IS xbox live, you constantly feel connected to the service. With PS3 its online service isnt as integrated as the 360's. This maybe only bothers me because im so used to being able to do all this stuff on the 360, but i really do miss all the functionality of the 360 when im playing the PS3.

    It probebly appears as if i hate the PS3 right now ! But obviously me giving it 5 stars means i dont. In fact i love the damn thing. It just needs to improve its online service if its going to compete with the 360's solid, superior online service. I would pay another £40 for the PS3 online service to have the features of Xbox Live ANYDAY.In terms of gaming, the PS3 is, quite simply, amazing. I can see the power of the console being pushed to its limits in the next few years, and when it is... i can see some very very gorgeous games being produced. Just look at uncharted... the developers claim thats only 30% of the systems power?!?!?! I mean WOW. I cant wait to see what the PS3 is capable of doing next.

    Do yourself a favor people, and purchase this system as soon as possible. Especially due to the line up of games it has coming to the system... MGS4?Killzone2?Resistance2?GT5? and the rest lol. But, i have to also recommend the 360 as a second console, due to the superior online service and all the excellent games it already has on the system. Iv owned a Wii, and i can safely say that i would stick to PS3 and Xbox360. The power of the two systems is far superior, and the games are far better.

    Overall, highly recommended.