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  1.  walking dead rules...


    This is a great tv show now dont let the fact its a tv show put you off it has the feel and looks of a big screen movie with great f/x that dont go over the top the story line is such a good one to follow and based on the comic books... there are a lot of things that happen in the books that dont happen on screen and some that happen on screen but not in the books.
    if you have never seen or ever heard of this ask a friend or family member trust me they will of heard of it and will tell you the same thing i am......... Watch it...

  2.  the big kids will love it


    This was great to watch seeing all the bad guys from all the games i used to play had its moments.. my kids loved it ages 6-16 as did i 35 so sit back relax and enjoy..

  3.  :-/ not the film die hard was made for...


    all in all a let down really... as the review above says its really ott the first films made it great one guy fighting the bad guys with relistic even if a liitle bit unbeleiveable yet this one goes on by making it look like john Mc is some sort of terrorist hot spot who has more lives than the luckest cat in the world... 20 floors!!!!! come on guys.... should of left it at 3

  4.  great film


    this will be one of them films i buy to have in my collection a lot of fun and a lot better than i thought it would be... 2nd one on the way..

  5.  A lot of fun..


    I have to say that all these reinventions of classic storys has been a bit of a let down but this one is a rule breaker...
    i found it to be really fun to watch and gutted when it came to an end how ever i hear the 2nd is already underway so get your self this and enjoy..

  6.  one of the greatest shows on earth


    This by far has to be one of the greatest tv shows ever made.. the first seasons set a very high standard and they continue to hold it and even better it in this last collection with bigger sets and storys you wont want it to end but like all good things they must...
    and hats off to who ever said to do the end credits the way they did on the last ep "i am spartacus" rip andy....

  7.  "Do the letters f o mean anything to you" haha lol


    You got to love this film. not so sure its that great on the old bluray but hey it was done in the 70s guys and for the money....

  8.  " and your mum asked me to eat her out " hahahaha!!!!


    Im not saying another word you have to see it for your self its a full on laugh with some great moments lol

  9.  What would you do???


    if i had this happen to me wow i think i would lose the plot and " kill every body "

  10.  a remake done to justice


    This was a real shock to me i love the 80s KKid and thought that you could not remake it at all..... well my hat is off a really well thought out and well done job. would love to see a second done with chan coming to the lads home would be good.