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  1.  Yes, it is THAT good!


    An absolutely fantastic piece of kit-and only for a fiver! Not only does the software give you aload of practice either with the theory or hazad percep, but also alot of mini videos enabling you to practice other in-car manoeuvres such as cock-pit drills, emergency stops, three-point turns and so on.
    By using the software to revise from, I recently passed my theory test with flying colours and am going to sit my practical in 3 weeks. I can honestly say that practicing and learning from this CDRom is alot cheaper than buying 3 or 4 books, and alot less boring that just sitting and reading through them.
    You just cannot lose with this!

  2.  Brilliant.


    After my ipod headphones broke I got these because they were cheap. They are a fantasic piece of kit which are comfortable in the ear, produce good sound quality and work very well with the ipod.

    Personally, I think these are better than the ipod headphones - I'm definately stocking up on these whilst they're cheap!

  3.  Eggcellent!


    I bought an egg for a christmas present, but ended up keeping it myself! The egg is really good if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere. Shame only one is supplied but definately worth buying if they're cheap enough. A nice little gadget.

  4.  Brilliantly written series


    A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf share a house....yes, it does sound the start of a bad joke but the series itself is witty, engaging, dramatic and tense - all in each episode!

    A vampire on the wagon, a ghost still in love with her ex-fiancee and a werewolf who suffers from slight OCD creates six amazing episodes created by Toby Whitehouse.

    The dvd features are okay, with some deleted scenes and cast interviews, the only thing that really bothered me is that the music that was shown with each episode on the BBC have been removed and replaced with original soundtrack. Fair enough, I supposed but the entire atmosphere of the scene changes.

    Also missing is the pilot episode, the 1 hour making-of special broadcasted, prequels and outtakes. It's a shame non of them were included, but now that series 2 has been commissioned, hopefully they'll appear on there.

  5.  A fantastic book for a budding novelist


    I bought this book as a starting point to writing short stories. Knowing how good the 'Teach Yourself...' series are, I'd thought I'd give this a go. I'm only 10 pages in and it feels like the author is talking to me personally as a student of creative writing, rather than an instruction book on writing.

    The author says you can learn the craft of writing but ultimately the teacher is yourself, in other words - you can teach craft but art can only be learnt. Each chapter rather than teaches, gives you ideas and things to think about regard creating a story, getting ideas, developing characters etc.

    Each chapter ends with a couple of exercises to help get you started on writing for example, timed writing, writing about your favourite novel, or write 10 sentences beginning with 'what if...'

    If you think you want write a novel, or just want help with writing for your own pleasure then this book is a definate must buy. Definately worth it.

  6.  Amazing! A must buy!


    Even if you're not into classical music, one cannot deny how talented this quartet is. Not only is there two violins, a cello and a viola, but guitars, drums, bass and a whole electronic symphony is created from the first track. I bought this album when it first came out, and I never tire of listening to it. It can be lounge music, relaxation music, or background music if you're trying to revise for exams (which I find very soothing!). I can't emphasize how brilliant this album is.