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  1.  A more expansive album, with the same awesome results!


    Usually it takes me a while to get into an album. But I have fallen in love with this album from the first listen. Stand out song for me would be Reviver. Although there isn't one single weak song, on the album. I love the singing vocals but at the same time none of the screaming as been sacrificed. It just gives them more of an edge than different bands and allows them to try different things rather than be repetitive. Overall a Great album to listen to if you like bits of melodical music intertwined with metalcore. By far the best thing to come out of Alaska!

  2.  Another bargain at play.com


    This jacket only cost me £5. The material may not be the thickest but fot the price I paid it's a real bargain. The jacket isn't as dark as the picture makes out but I like the colour it is. I think this jacket should be worth more like tenner. So I'm really happy with this purchase.

  3. X


    Mexicolas - CD

    9 New from  £4.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.24

     Great album


    This debut album from the mexicolas is pretty awesome. They sound a bit like queens of the stone age with their guitar playing at times and at other times they sound like stereophonics (two of my favourate bands) So I was very impressed by this album. The lead singers vocals sound brilliant and I can see these becoming a big band in the future on the basis of this album. Mexicolas aren't just a rock band they also consist of a few piano driven songs like times infinity which are so powerful and would attract anybody not into the rock scene to buy this album.

  4.  Truly awesome


    This is by far the lostprophets best album. It consists of a good mixture between their more mainstream stuff (liberation transmission) and there heavier stuff (Fake sounds of progress). Their are some exceptional songs on this album like burn burn,last train home, we still kill the old way and last summer. If you are interested in bands like funeral for a friend I would recommend this album to you. If you buy a lostprophets album buy this one because the others are nowhere near as good as it.

  5.  Embarrasingly bad


    What can i say other than this is a poor film. Their is no truth to it whatsoever. To make matters worse we have Mel Gibson killing hundreds of brits on his own. As if one man could do this. This film just makes me so angry at how often the makers could get their facts wrong. The battles are fairly accurate in how they were fought but thats about it. Please do not watch this American brainwashing of people.

  6.  great album


    This album sums up bfmv great riffs, screaming lyrics banging drums. It features some great songs like tears don't fall, cries in vain and her voice resides. It's so powerful and is definitely worth a listen for anybody

  7.  an average album


    This album is pretty average it does have some pretty awesome songs such as scream aim fire, eye of the storm and waking the demon but most of the other songs seem to be lacking in something and I don't think this album is any better than there last album poison. This album is fairly good but there is definitely room for improvement

  8.  what a great album


    I can't stop listening to this album since i got it. The lyrics to some of the songs such as polaris are incredible. then there are songs which are so catchy you can't help but sing along to them . You can't have it all and i started a fire are songs that i just automatically sing too. theres not one duff song on this album and i'm sure that any ash fan would agree that this is there finest work yet.

  9.  What a bargain


    the design looks brilliant and the quality of the stitching is good unlike some different band merchandise I have bought in the past. So if u love FFAF this shirt is a must.