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  1.  Dont waste your Cash


    Thought by the write up this looked an interesting premise for a film, how wrong i was.
    Started off quite well but after 30 minutes slowly decends into Farce, i didnt even bother watching it after 40 mins,When the main bad guy played badly by Sean Bean a fave actor of mine beats up a Motel guy for a few Dollars (Was that supposed to show us how ruthless he is,Very Contrived ) and then is sat working out how much has been spent on a calculator!! even to the last Dime!! With the couple who have found the Money but dont act at all concerned,Ludicrous, he then decides to try and get it all back . Dont waste your Hard earned Ca$h and Sean please try and pick some better parts.

  2.  Funny and Touching


    I didnt get to see this at the Cinema, but watched it on Blu Ray and well what a Film, it has to be next to Inception as one of the Best Films of 2010.
    The acting by all is superb, Nicholas Cage is Brilliant as Big Daddy,i thought his Costume looked kind of Geeky but in one scene shows just how Efficient his character is in Dealing with the Bad guys, he also has a very touching and emotional scene that im not ashamed to say moved me to Tears.
    I liked the In Joke by Matthew Vaughn, where Dexter Fletcher gets Crushed in a Yellow Range Rover straight from" Layer Cake"
    As for Hit Girl played by Chloe Mertz, shes Amazing,a foul mouthed, whirling Martial Arts Genius!! Who can handle Guns and Knives like a Master !!
    Everyones already said it but this is Just Funny as hell,very Black Humour, well directed exceptionally well edited, the Music is Awesome too and the thing that really suprised me was how Moving and Emotional it was, i didnt expect that at All. Buy it you will not regret it .

  3.  An Amazing Experience


    Iv seen this 3 times at the Cinema, and have been completely knocked out by it every time. The Story and direction are Ist class,Leonardo de Caprio is just brilliant and his portrayal of Cobb is Intense and Touching, as is his relationship with Marillon Cotillard, she is very beautiful, in the beginning she comes across as quite scary but she breaks your heart by the End.The plot itself is quite complex but a couple of viewings and it starts to make sense. I liked the themes of Redemption and the Father/Son relationship between Cillian Murphy and Pete Postlethwaite(Who incidentally seems to be Dying in a Lot of Films lately!!) which is one of the main themes of the Film. The Dream within Dreams within Dreams is not as confusing as it sounds and it lends itself to one of the best fight scenes, up and down a Hotel Corridor Awesome!!
    The supporting cast are very good, particularly Tom Hardy as Eames who gets to run around shooting loads of People in a Snow scene reminiscent of a Bond Film.
    The ending bought a Lump to my Throat , and i left the Cinema totally Happy.
    Its so nice to see a Film that is Different from "Mainstream" Hollywood,a Film that really makes you Think!! i already have the Soundtrack which is also Superb.
    Cant wait for this Release.

  4.  Well Crafted Film


    The very beautiful Cate Blanchett and the very Craggy looking Tommy Lee Jones star in this Intriuging Western from Ron Howard.
    The story centres on one of Cates daughters being kidnapped by Indians, Tommy lee plays Cates father who has returned after living with Indians himself, and she decides to Enlist his help to rescue her.There is a lot of Friction between the two,as Cates character Maggie cant forgive her Father for the past and is reluctant to let him back into her familys life , and its this that makes the Film very compelling to watch, with a run time of 2hrs 10mns it gives plenty of time for character development, and its here that Cate and Tommy shine through, and Cate particularly fighting for her child is not someone you would want to Cross.
    Its very well photographed, and with very good performances from all concerned.Well worth a watch.

  5.  The Worst so Far


    Went to see this at the Cinema and was very keen as im a Big Fan of The Predator films, but this was a Big,Big Dissapointment !!
    The story if you could call it that was Rubbish, the characters were not in the least bit Interesting or had any Charisma at all.
    In fact theres a bit in the middle of the Film with a very strange cameo from Laurence Fishburne, thats so boring i fell asleep!!
    Dont waste your Money!!

  6.  Great Film


    What a treat it was seeing this Film,the production values are very high indeed, the cinematography is exqusite, the Music fits in very well and its a very well acted Film.
    But perhaps the most important aspect of this Film for me is Michael J Bassets direction, this young director is someone to watch out for, his narrative pace is good, the story which he wrote has very good Redemption emotions in it, and the Action scenes are so well handled, at long last no more "Quick Flashy Cuts" but widescreen cinematic sword fights where you can see what the actors are doing and where they are in relation to everyone else.How many times iv seen a film and everythings edited so fast, it looks good but thats about it!!! I wish now i had seen it at the Cinema,James Purefoy is Solomon Kane and plays him as a Tortured Soul and a killer with a concience, all the supporting actors are good.The Blu Ray transfer is one of the Best iv seen, some very scary scenes in it, and i for one am hoping for a Follow Up.

  7.  Excellent (But why Full Frame)


    Its a Brilliant Film, and i really liked Robert Downey and Jude Laws performances, the Blu Ray transfer is excellent, even better than when i saw it at the Cinema. But Why is it Full Frame?? Would have given it 5 stars,i like widescreen so i can see it as the director intended

  8.  Sheer Brilliance


    Iv been to see this Film 3 times,twice in 3d and once in 2d,
    The 3d is very good and you cant help beleiving in everything thats in front of you, it looks Real!! This is down to "Weta", the same people who did the effects for the Lord of the Rings and King Kong,but for me it was some of the small things, when Sam Worthingtons character swings his legs out of the "Avatar Pod" they look so thin and Wasted!!! The story is a bit Predictable, but very enjoyable, i particularly liked the scenes when"Jake" first gets into his Avatar body and just runs after being in a wheelchair, that was a really emotional scene for me as my Dad was in a wheelchair,the Idea of the N^AVI and the Creatures on Pandora can all link in some sort of "Internet Appendage" was really Cool,the Love scenes were very Touching the Battle really gets you Excited!! And Ithink there must be Extra Scenes, cant wait for the Blu Ray!! Also if the Blu Ray is as good as "King Kong,and District 9" Then i know we are in for a Treat. Amazing

  9.  An Embarrassment!!


    Went with some friends to see this at the cinema as we had seen the Trailer and it looked really Funny, how wrong we were!! These days the best bits are in the Trailers.
    Basically the story is the same as Borat. Bruno was just "Cringing" to watch, all it seems to do is make it look as though all Homosexuals are only interested in Sex!!
    The "Medium"" scene and the Interview with an American Senator where he trys to make a Pass at him are just Disgusting and Embarrassing to watch, when we left the Cinema, we felt very uncomfortable, personally i wouldnt even give it one star !

  10.  "Well hello Beautiful"


    A line from the Film that sums up this Model!
    It is Stunningly detailed, and Wow the colours are great,i now have the Batman Headknocker and the Joker side by side.
    My advice buy this you wont regret it!.
    Excellent value thanx Play.com, you keep doing it!!!