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  1.  Such as hidden gem.


    I love to find book from unknown authors and this is amazing, after the first 1 or 2 chapters its has a massive kick full of lies, betrayal and suspence, finished the book in 2 days could not put it down!
    Please buy!!!!!!

  2.  give it a chance


    Ok so I finally got GT5, and I know Forza 4 is out and its brilliant but this is where it all started! The cars are good and it is a lot of fun to play, the graphics are great, but I will admit more effort should of been put into the less powerful cars and tracks but overall it is worth getting, I just hope they up there game asap with GT6 which I guess will come out in 2020.

  3.  Amazing


    I just got this phone on an upgrade, and I am so happy I got this instead of an Iphone, It is well made bright looks good, easy to use just a great phone, I do agree with another review on here, don't get the task killer you don't need it, I got it and it seemed to make the phone run not well at all!
    Anyway overall an excellent phone, very much worth it!

  4.  Just amazing


    This game like fallout 3 is brilliant, a whole new world to play in, brilliant!! I spent 4 hours on this and it was just in the first town!
    Don't think, just buy so many hours to be had on this game and I can't wait to see what this world has to offer.

  5.  over-rated


    Ok so this game is alright, the campaign is not to bad, not as good as cod4 though, it once again looks brilliant but the online sucks, its glitchy, full of cheap tactics such as thumpers and launching rpg's down all hall way its just no fun and a pain! I hate it!!

  6.  Excellent but......


    Ok this game is very good, the graphics are superb, the world is huge, but as another customer said just trees and grass mainly, and yes the animal hunting is a brilliant addition but it does get boring. The story is great very long and well put together and what an ending!!!
    BUT when you have finished the game well there is nothing to do I find, I just seem to be walking around doing nothing. I know there is the online which is o.k but there does not seem to be hardly anyone playing. So I give it 4/5...Great until you complete the story.

  7.  wicked scary


    now i am very picky when it comes to horror films i.e i hate the saw films i think their rubbish i prefer jumpy freak you out films and this is it i jumped out of my seat constantly through this film its brilliant! but i will be buying it in blue ray for an extra bit of jump!

  8.  amazing!


    this album is brilliant so much variety!
    and far from home is the most epic beautiful song since nothing else matters!
    buy it its amazing!!!!

  9.  amazing just pure quality


    This album is brilliant i first heard the band months ago and have shown it to all my friends and they love it, its just comedy quality rock music! Amazing! And after watching them at download festival just made me like them even more amazing band amazing album amazing show!!!!!

  10.  epic!!


    I love this console it really is very good!!! I traded in my xbox 360 for it the best decicion i have ever made then got myself a hdtv and the blue ray and blue ray games is amazing!!! Dont buy a cheap 360 but ps3 the quality is so much better!!!!! And it will last so much longer i had 2 xbox 360's in under a year because of this red ring! And no i didnt have the old xbox i only got ps3 a month ago! So honestly ps3 all the way, no online play charge its free is also a bonus!!