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  1.  Not atchually that bad


    I will admit that that the campaign is pretty short but I think it has an amazing storyline and is quite epic at places. And maybe why people say its bad is because They dont get it. The guns are different but they are also realistic unlike some in mw2. The gameplay is great and has nice touches. Multiplayer is fun. Some new cool killstreaks and some old weapons but some new ones. Also nice grenades and equipment. The maps are fun and nice some i think are better than 1s on mw2. Zombies though i think is great fun and hours of fun. Overall i guess mw2 is better but still i will settle for this any day though

  2.  Absolutly FANTASTIC


    Any1 who likes rugby, this is the game. the controls are easy to pick up. The amount of teams right from lesticer tigers to the barbarians. And there are loads of game modes. The gameplay is amazing and addictive. The only shame is that where is Rugby 09, 10 ,11 and why isnt this game and further ones on the xbox and ps3. I highly reccomend this game to everyone. The only bad thing is that when you suddenly get away about to score a try and your called back for a penalty

  3.  F1 awsomeness


    This game is fantastic. The gameplay is great fun but challenging and professional at the same time. There isn't much game modes but there is isn't much more 2 put on. You can change the settings 2 how you want to make it easy at first and build up on your confidence. if your looking for a fun and challenging racing game this is definatly the one you should have.

  4.  Worth the money!


    This game is full of the classics. Every game has its own unique type from fighting to sonic. It is a great game for when you are bored and just want a quick go. Most of these games are enjoyable (but some are preety bad). Overall this is a game worth the money

  5.  Preety Bad.


    I was excited about this game, but now it has started to bug me. There is alot of choice in games which are quite enjoyable, which is proberly the reason it got 3 stars. But it takes so long just to get on a short race! You chose the type of game, athletics, swuimming etc. then you have to sometimes have to chose a sub category. Then you chose what race you want 2 play, 100m, 110m hurdles etc. Then next you chose how many players. Then u chose wat character. Now youve got the game loading when it finishes you go to the race menu where it says start or controls (which are not great). Now all of this takes 5 minutes for a 0 second game. And then after youve done the race you have either a cheer or sad look from you character and then the awards ceremony.
    So you have about 8 minutes of waiting and thirty seconds of playing. (100 m races take about 10 seconds.)
    So overall not to much playing.

  6.  Great stuff, one thing though


    this game is a great shooter for the PSP. Since there is no CoD this is a good subsitute. The Campaign is great fun and quite long, and Skirmish is good. the maps are awsome and creative. the bad thing is it is quite annoying if you don't have the Wi-Fi on ur PSP