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  1.  Very good action film


    I'm a big fan of the original arnie film and I love Conan. The Arnie Conan film didnt stick true to the books but was a good film in its own right. This new version is closer to the books and is full of barbarian action. Love the start when Conan is young and needs to prove himself, I wont ruin it for you though.

  2.  Ouch.... dead again....


    Well this is probably one of the hardest games I've played. When I first started playing, I got really anoyed with dieing all the time and was considering trading it in. I'm glad I didn't. This is one of those games that takes time, thought and skill. Once you have leaned the controles and got used to the awesome combat, this game rewards you.

    Rush and you will die, take your time and enjoy the game.

  3.  I thought this would be weak ....


    Out of all the marvel characters, I've never really liked thor. Thor takes the marvel universe in to space and starts dealing with aliens. I love Ironman and thought this would be cheese. Oh how I was wrong!!

    They got the balance perfect of comedy, the reallity of the concept and essentual story line. This film fits perfect into the latest marvel collection and I can not wati for the Avengers next May!

  4.  Good addition to the AC line


    I've played AC1 through to the end and AC2. I played AC2 and Brotherhood directly back to back. while I found the general feel of brotherhood was not as good as AC2, the game play is better. Only 9 sequences in Brotherhood compaired to 13 in AC2.

    I really like the brotherhood/guild side of this game and the story is a good continuation of the other 2 games. Worth a blast if you like the older games.

  5.  Vast improvement on the first one.


    I really liked the first Assassins Creed. It did get a little dull toward the end due to the repetativeness but the story kept me interested. They seem to have fixed the bordum problem in the second one and the storey continues well from the last game. New weapons, house to maintain and all the good bit from the first game. Love it.

  6.  A good cross between Battlefield and Call of duty


    Good game, well thought out maps with a good balance of close combat maps and sniper maps with cover for so you dont get your head taken off every two seconds.

    Flows nice, fast actioned like COD with the stratagy of Battlefield with a few tweeks.

  7.  Exacly what I expected from GT5


    The cars look perfect, the tracs look above average but the people are wooden and dont move very nice. But, this is a driving game and as far as driving, this game delivers. I feel a lot of work has gone into the handling of the cars as well as the looks. I've been driving 14 years and can say that the cars handle very realistic and the closest to real life ive seen from a home console.

    All in all a v.good game only let down by wooden people

  8.  Good addition to COD collection


    I can only speak from online multiplayer, but here is my review.

    This games is not as bad as people are making out. This game has been relased with a lag issue that is affecting all online users, so other then the lag which will be fixed, I cant overly fault the game.

    Server management is far better on the PC compared with MW2. You have dedicated servers and you can see where they are based, what they are running (map, game type etc.. ) and the relative ping.

    A lot of MW2 plays may not like this, the maps seem to have been designed for fast game play. There are camping spots, but no so many as MW2.

    The advancing in the game is different. Takes a little getting used to but is the main thing that sets this game from MW2.

    Customisation is a little disapointing. You can customise the face and logo's. What I want to see is a real choice of cloths rather then being forced into wareing what your skills make you.

    Nice selection of weapons/attachments.

    Only 50 levels that ive seen so far and 15 prestige.

    To summarise:
    Once the lag issue is fixed, I would put this on par with MW2. Just because MW2 server management is the worst i have seen on the PC.

  9.  Good solid action film


    This film was exaclty what I expected from the A-team. The cast at first glance didnt work but once they started talking and the way the acted... fantastic, almost forgot they werent the original cast. Action all the way with your normal A-team cheese thrown in. Loved it

  10.  Good batteries but....


    I would have rated these a 3 but the price makes them a 4.

    I use 20 of these powering 2 pc fans and a 12v mobile pa system (dont ask).

    I find that if you exercise the batteries regulaly (run them down totally flat then fully charge them) you get really good performance from them. I also find that on my timed charger, I find I have to put them through twice to fully charge (my charger is not designed/timed for high capacity batteries). I also find they dont hold charge as well as my more expensive batties when being stored. You are better storing them flat and charging them the evening or 2 before you want to use them.