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  1.  Great way to bow out


    Every fan of Christopher Nolan's trilogy will appreciate this film as it is a great conclusion to his version of Batman. The acting is good from the all star cast (look out for Tom Conti!) especially Christian Bale who delivers his best and final peformance as Batman and Joseph Gordon Levitt was also a stand out. The action scenes are very well done and the music also adds a nice flavour to the film. It is right up there with its two predecessors in my opinion.

  2.  Very entertaining


    This film is very well made and boasts superb performances from all cast and is very well directed by William Freidkin. Beware however that some of the nudity is a little bit graphic and the sexual content is both uncomfortable and funny. Overall a decent film.

  3.  ok


    this series was the comeback of PRIMEVAL and for the die hard fans of it it was very good. I just feel however that Laila Rouass was really missed as she was a great addition in series 3.Her supposed "death" was a little clumsy. Shame she quit, not gotten rid of as a previous reviewer thought. Douglas Henshall is also still missed. Some of the new members were extremely wooden. Apart from that ok.

  4.  ....And in the End


    The most talked about show of the naughties comes to a very profound conclusion that will confuse some even more and satisfy others. I'm the latter. The series feels more like the first season as many old faces return and the secrets of the island are finally revealed. All characters are on top form and the best character, Desmond is back as one of the stars after his smaller appearance in season 5. Aswell as this we have a new main character, Ilana played by the gorgeous Zuleikha Robinson. Buy this for the collection, it is a great conclusion to a groundbreaking show.

  5.  The penultimate season


    Lost continues with mystery after mystery with even more surreal goings on in this penultimate season. This time our group of castaways are 1.trapped in the past( Sawyer, Locke etc) and 2. in the real world trying to get back to the island ( Jack, Kate, Ben etc). The series features many heartbreaking scenes and many moments which changed this landmark show forever

  6.  buy it for 'Inversion'


    It is worth buying this Barbara Vine boxset just for the magnificent 'A Fatal Inversion' starring Jeremy Northam and Douglas Hodge.
    The other two films are okay, Michael Sheen stars in 'Gallowglass' and Helena Bonham Carter stars in 'A Dark Adapted Eye'. However 'Inversion' makes the set worthwhile

  7.  Super t shirt


    Great quality t shirt with a superb Tom Baker design. The slogan is also great as it is from the classic 'Deadly Assassin'.

  8.  Great shirt


    This excellent t shirt is absolutely brilliant! It is great quality and features a fantastic design of the greatest Dr Who, Tom Baker

  9.  Truly eerie tale


    This classic Tom Baker story still carries a chilling feel to it this very day. It reminds me of a thriller novel almost, it is absolutely thrilling.
    Baker as always is on fire!

  10.  Great 'Who' boxset


    The great Willam Hartnell shines and proves that he was and is a great Doctor in this exciting boxset that boasts superb episodes and special bonus features. The First Doctor again runs into or rather away from the Daleks! This boxset is special however because we say farewell to the original and arguably best companions, Ian and Barbara