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  1.  Utter trash


    When I told my nephew that Goal 3 was out on DVD he was so happy he even paid for it with his own money! Then we watched it! Utter trash! Santi's in it but he does'nt play any football, theres 2 new guys in it that are dire. In fact its hardly about football, more about relationships. 1&2 are good, enjoyable films, about FOOTBALL, this is just garbage. My nephew is 12 and he hated it!

  2.  Never go by the cover


    Never judge a book by the cover, so the saying goes and it can also be said for dvd covers. The back cover of this makes the film look action packed but thats only about forty minutes at the end. It takes forever to get going, this film could've been so much better. Even my 12 year old nephew found it slow and boring and he loves dragons and dinosaurs. If it'd been more action and less love story then it would've been far better.

  3.  Another great game


    I played the 1st Secret Files after picking it up cheap in my local supermarket and really enjoyed it, when I saw Secret Files 2 for pre-order on Play I ordered straight away.The cut scene films are great and the ingame graphics are'nt half bad, and the game play will have you engrossed in no time and cursing as well, a few times i got frustrated and had to check the walkthough online. Overall if you like point and click games like Broken Sword, Runaway Dream Of The Turtle then this is for you. Roll on number 3!



    Saw the ads for this when it was on TV but never managed to tune in, when I saw it in the shops I thought Id pick it up. Really enjoyed it and can't wait for season 2, loved the main story and the storys each episode, great cast. I hope season 2 is longer as 11 episodes was way to short!

  5.  Amazing


    Quite simply an amazing album! Hinder have put the fun back into rock music. One of the best rock albums you'll ever hear.



    I saw this on the shelf when it came out and thought id get it when it was cheaper, picked it up the other day for under a fiver and its really, really good. One of the best futuristic, virus, action films Ive seen. Buy it, watch it, you won't regret it

  7.  great price


    My nephew is mad on these, great price but expect longer than 24hrs to arrive.

  8.  one of my faves


    This film got me hooked on George Strait. I remember seeing it on Sky movies and really loved it. I loved it so much when I saw it on ex video rental I bought it, thats back when ex vids cost a bit. I darn wore it out. This film is the reason I invested in a multi region player. It was George Straits motion picture debut & he did rather well. The soundtrack is his best selling cd, selling over 5 million units. If you love country music or just a simple romantic story then get this.

  9.  LOVED IT


    I so loved this when it was shown on SKY 1, its a shame it did'nt last longer than 1 season. I heard it cost a million dollars and episode though so no wonder. It was like a modern Miami Vice, can't believe its over 6 years since it was on. Im waiting for it to get cheaper or a UK release before I get it

  10.  So so


    Being a fan of The Mummy series I thought id give this being as it was in the sale at work, I thought for £4.50 id give it a shot. It isn't dire, not as good as the others, I mean with each film they've each gotten worse. The CGI on the minotaur and the scorpion are really BAD. You can see why it went straight to DVD, its more something you'd find on the sci-fi channel. Only get it if you see it below a fiver.