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  1.  a great but tearful book


    After reading the reviews on this book I decided to go out and buy it (sorry play didnt buy it from here) the same day! I was hooked and couldnt put it down even when I was at work and from a hard days work. It was really well wrote and it was always one step ahead of you. You couldnt read this book without a dry eye. I would recommend this book to anyone. I cant wait to go and see the film in the cinema

  2.  Best book I've read so far


    I started reading this book while on a short break away and I couldnt put it down. I've read books on abuse but nothing like this. The way it is written made me feel as tho I was living the life with him- going through each day etc. I would recommend this book to anyone. From such a young person (who is actually the same age as me) he has done really well to come this far. I hope that his foster mother reads his book just to see how he felt.

  3.  brilliant


    Loved the book cried all the way throught it, decided to buy the dvd the day it was released and couldnt stop crying from start to finish was brilliant would recommend it to anyone

  4.  10/10


    This book is one of the best books i have read in along time, it was so good i couldnt put it down. Its a bit of a tearjerker but well worth the read. would recommend this book to anyone.

  5.  fantastic


    This is I would say one of the best films of all 3!! I admit that when I first heard about it i was like 'dont know if i would like it'. but after watching it i changed my mind and loved it, so much so i had to watch it over again. I've lost count after 10!! The special effects are brilliant, and the best character is Captain jack sparrow (played by johnny depp). I would recommend this film to anyone. Disney have done a great job. This film isnt just for children!! ( I should know!!)

  6.  really works


    this book really works, i read this book within hours of borrowing it off my boyfriend, i done the cd everyday and by the end of the week i finally had the confidence i needed in life, even to this day i have confidence. i would recommend this book to anyone who felt as if tho they didnt have confidence, Just give it a try and find out for yourself!

  7.  inspiring


    brought this book after watching the tv programme on bbc 1 months ago, it was such an inspiring storyline and the book made alot more sense once watching the film. this book has made me laugh and cry in some places so far. great book if you fancy a quite night in with a book and chocies!!

  8.  great


    songs live up to the expections of the album, there are good vocals from the lead singer. some really catchy tunes. how to save a life is one of the best songs i think its well wrote and is quite an emotional song (not a good one if your feeling down or grieving i found). overall i would recommend this album

  9.  great


    Some really catchy tunes on here that get you in swing for the weekend, i found that this album is great if your getting ready for a night out as it just gets you jumping round the room!!

  10. Spirit


    Leona Lewis - CD

    5 New from  £3.55  Free delivery

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     10 out of 10


    I downloaded this album about a week ago after reading the reviews people had wrote on the album, I decided to give it ago as I loved bleeding love and I was not disappointed. The album has been put together brilliantly and there are some catchy tunes on here such better in time- this must be one of many catchy tunes!! I'd defintely recommend this album to anyone who likes bleeding love!