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  1.  Quite good actually.


    I pondered for an extended period whether or not to purchase this. I knew it wasn't the sort of I game I normally bought, yet I had heard so many positive things about it, not to mention the fact that most of the people on my xbox live friends list were spending most of their time on it. When it finally got a bit cheaper I decided I had to at least give it a try and knew I'd have to be open minded about it. I've now had it a few days and am about half way through the singleplayer story. The plot seems very good, although there are a few things I'm not too certain on, but it's likely that is due to me never having played a game in the Resident Evil series previously. The first thing I noticed when playing was that the graphics, on both the cinematics and the gameplay, were brilliant. Visually it is a very good game. The way the game plays, the gameplay, is new to me and I'm impressed. You may not be able to move while firing your weapon, but that doesn't spoil anything and having a computer controlled character (It's actually possible to play the game on Co-op and have another person control that character) is a nice touch. The game seems very well polished and isn't too hard or too easy, providing you've picked the difficulty that applies to you, of which there are three choices. The replayability is there as well with various items and weapons to unlock, although if you're a person whom, like myself, plays the singleplayer story of a game once and then turns to the multiplayer, you may want to bare in mind that the singleplayer isn't going to last a particularly long time, and the multiplayer I believe is required to be purchased from the Xbox Live Marketplace. In conclusion:

    .Great graphics
    .Brilliant gameplay
    .Exciting storyline
    .Replayability (for the devoted gamers)

  2.  Quite nice.


    It's quite a nice and comfy hoodie, but as stated by others it is a little smaller and tighter than usual. I'm a size small and bought a size small and it fits ok, the back isn't as low as I'd have expected but it's fine for what you're paying. Very cheap compared to other places that sell Atticus clothing.

  3.  Surprisingly Good


    I downloaded the demo off xbox live some time back and wasn't impressed in the slightest. It all seemed a bit repetitive and boring, there didn't seem to be much depth in the storyline and the character seemed boring. It is quite hard to base your decisions on the finished piece, however so when I saw it for cheap I thought I'd try it out. The storyline is very good with you playing at first as Darth Vader and then as his young apprentice. The graphics are brilliant and the gameplay is fun as you can upgrade your force powers, which basically consists of completing missions and being give points, with which you can improve a force power of your choice. The achievements aren't too hard to get while at the same time they're not too easy to get. Entertaining game, will keep you entertained for some time, however beware that there is no multiplayer feature, meaning there isn't that much replayability compared to games such as COD WAW.

    Graphics: 9/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Storyline: 8/10



    I borrowed this off a friend on xbox 360 some time ago but didn't really like it and only played it for about 20 minutes. I couldn't get into it so I gave it back without really giving it a chance. This Christmas I noticed it was only £3.49 on sale on steam, so I thought I'd give it a chance, and I can safely say it's brilliant. Amazing graphics and very entertaining gameplay, and some very interesting features. For one you're fighting in an underwater city and there are many fascinating creatures and people down there. The storyline is simply genius, and there's two different endings so it is replayable once you've completed it the first time (and it took me a good 18 hours or so to complete!). Very good FPS, maybe it's nothing like COD4 or Left 4 Dead, but it's excellent in its own way. Even if this game was still £40 I'd say it's worth the money, it's absolutely amazing. If you're considering buying it then do it, you won't regret it.

  5.  Fantastic Game


    As soon as I started playing on this game I was very impressed by the graphics. They're the best graphics I've seen on an Xbox 360 game to date (there may be better out there but I certainly haven't seen it). The gameplay is very fascinating as there are various types of missions in it, such as Destroying weapons convoys, Assassinating certain people, helping out your buddies (In game AI Characters that you befriend) and running errands for gangs and militias. I'm about 9% through the game at the moment and have only done 2 or 3 missions but they are all very exciting. There is a lot of travelling involved, such as driving (or swimming, walking, handgliding, getting the bus, or going on a boat via the river) from one side of the map to the other. This gives you a great chance to really check out the environment and the wildlife (yes, there are animals in it) and really savour the lovely graphics. There are all types of different places, e.g. deserts, jungles, corn fields, rivers, mountains etc. As well as this there's a decent amount of weapons in game (Flamthrower, AK47, RPG, Crossbow etc) and there's also an addon downloadable from Xbox Live with even more weapons, as well as a couple of new multiplayer maps. The multiplayer on the game is all well and good (even if it is not packed with players like COD WAW) but the main attraction is the singleplayer story. There's not just missions to do on it but also little side quests, if you will, such as finding suitcases of diamonds, which are scattered around the map and act as a currency in the game with which you can buy new weapons and various upgrades. If you're someone who buys a game mainly for the Multiplayer then I wouldn't recommend this game to you, but if on the other hand you're somebody who enjoys singleplayer games a lot (whether it be as well as multiplayer or not) and getting to the end of a story or campaign feeling like they've achieved something then this game should satisfy you for quite some time. For those of you who do go on to purchase it, enjoy.

  6.  The worst television I have ever had


    When I bought this I thought i'd got myself a bargain, I didn't buy it from play.com, and I got it when it was newly released but I thought it was a good buy never the less despite the high price (in comparison to what it is today on Play.com). Well a few weeks after buying it I started to have problems such as the TV just randomly switching itself off, and not being able to be turned back on again without unplugging the plug from the socket and plugging it back in. As well as this it would occasionally refuse to switch off, in that when I'd been watching something on it for a while I'd press either the power button on the remote control supplied with it, or the button on the tv itself and it just would not switch off, so I had to pull the plug out in order to switch it off and plug it back in. Upon buying it I realised it can also be used as a Computer monitor so I hooked it up to my PC. Well, let's just say it's not designed to be used as a monitor, it doesn't give out great resolutions and when you do choose one of the higher resolution settings on a game, or even on the desktop it's not unusual for the screen to go blank with a message telling you that it won't support this display. I had many problems with this as when I went on games such as Battlefield 2 or Bioshock I had to flick through all the resolutions to find the best one for this monitor, and whenever I chose to preview a (relatively) high resolution this message appeared, and I was required to hook up a completely different monitor in order to fix it. Long story short, if you're looking for a cheap TV for a bedroom and you're not looking to spend too much money then this may do the trick but beware it's prone to problems! My original one gave up (or conked out, if you will) after about 6 months so I went back to the shop where I bought it and replaced it with a second (I wasn't offered the option of money back or a different replacement). I'm currently using that second and I'm still having the troubles I mentioned earlier with it, infact it quite simply would not turn on just before I started writing this, which I why I felt compelled to come on here and give it a review, because I've had quite enough of it. If you're planning on buying it for a PC monitor, I wouldn't bother, you'd be better off buying a dedicated monitor (such as a Dell). I don't know if it's just me that's had the luck to be given 2 dodgy tv's or there are other people out there with the same problems but there you go.

  7.  One of the best online FPS games


    This is without a doubt one of the best online FPS games available today for the PC (as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3 for that matter), and is second only to Counter Strike Source. Unlike other games it's straight to the point, with accurately depicted weapons and a brilliantly innovative ranking system, which allows you to unlock various weapons, perks and accesories for these weapons. For £14.99 you simply cannot go wrong with this (providing your PC can run it). The singleplayer game is also very good, with good graphics and a decent storyline albeit slightly short (which just leaves you wanting more modern warfare games in the call of duty series). If you have a capable PC but do not have this game then you're mad because it's the best online game going at the moment (bar CSS, although some would say this is better, and I reckon it comes very close!). Buy it now!

  8.  Decent set of speakers


    Considering they're only £18 these speakers are really good. I bought them as a replacement to another set of Logitech 2.1 speakers which cost me something like £25 and these are just as good.

  9.  Quite good


    Before I saw this film I thought it'd be a bit rubbish, and wouldn't keep me entertained. Having now seen it I can safely say it will keep you watching. It's very gruesome, and has elements of horror in it, as well as the war theme, so it does well to keep one entertained. Don't expect anything special like Blackhawk Down or Saving Private Ryan or you'll be a bit dissappointed. All in all a decent film.

  10.  Brilliant


    Better than Call of duty World at War because:

    .It's longer
    .Has a better storyline
    .Is enjoyable to follow
    .Keeps you wanting more from the story

    Very good game overall. Not perfect but if you play it then you'll see that it's well worth £20.