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  1.  Pretty good but not great


    I have played the single player and actually thought it was really good, levels were good enjoyed all the different parts like chasing down people whilst driving the car. bit short but aren't they all? 5/5 for campaign.

    The multiplayer is ok very similar to COD which isn't a bad thing as i like it for a quick blast out but I am more of a battlefield fan.

    I was surprised that the graphics in places were pretty shoddy especially as it is using the frostbite engine i did expect a lot more from this but in places it was good.

    Sounds, well the gun fire sounds were perfect as per battlefields the voices were rubbish throughout i thought and i didn't hear much of what was said during game play.

    as a whole I would get this game as i think it is pretty good in many aspects better single player then most and a reasonably solid multiplayer.
    4/5 from me the series is getting better.

  2.  Brilliant but rubbish


    The single player is brilliant! Look amazing and plays amazing, all levels are well constructed and i love the choice of guns and attachements. In my opinion this is one of the best single player games around definetly 5/5

    Multiplayer! Well its just rubbish maps are boring game modes are boring, It seems like they have made an effort to rival battlefield and COD but just have got it horribly wrong.

    I was really hoping this would be brilliant as i am a little bored of the usual COD and battlefield at the moment but sadly the online play of this game is really poor. in all honesty i cant put my finger on 1 thing that makes it so poor but it just feels like in everyway things are missing.

    So if you don't play online get this game as the single player is amazing, but if you want it for the multiplayer don't bother!.

  3.  Best game this year (so far)


    I absolutely loved this game, I have loved all the previous Max Paynes to so when i saw this was coming out i couldn't wait.
    Firstly just want to say the guy who said between cutscenes you only kill 3 people? you must be doing something wrong as I got the 1000 kill achievement 2 chapters from the end so there is plenty of killing!

    The way this game flows is brilliant, there are no load screens as such, the next level is loading whilst your watching a brilliantly crafted cut scene but be careful as there are times when you think your watching a cut scene and your actually on the level!

    The multiplayer is pretty good, not as good as battlefield but better then MW3 in my opinion but they are different games so best not to compare to much, love the slow motion bit, if your good enough you can really use this to you advantage and get some high kill streaks.

    All in all your missing out if you don't play this game the solo play is brilliant in all aspects and you have a pretty good multiplayer to keep you occupied after.

    87/100 in my opinion.

  4.  Fantastic game


    Maybe im looking to far into it but i don't think we are finished yet with this, the ending is a little strange but i think thats because it actually hasn't ended!! i think the ending we see is actually just a dream as loads of stuff don't add up if you look closely, maybe there are just massive plot holes but i dont think so, don't want to go into it as I don't want to put any spoilers up.

    Other then the ending this game is fantastic has everything, great story, vast galaxy to explore and some great FPS play. really is the full package this game.

    Graphics are stunning in places but not so in others but you have to take the good with the bad! seriously don't understand how anyone can give this a poor review.

    I recommend this game to anyone as it is seriously brilliant!! go get it now!!!!

  5.  good but i think i prefered the first


    This is a great game by any standards but i think it's not as fun to play as the first which i thought was amazing.
    I found with the first i was not wanting to go out as i wanted to play it to the end and collect everything, with this one i have needed to false myself to play it, once im playing i can't put it down but something about it seems more of a chore.
    Don't get me wrong it is a must buy for anyone as the graphics great (yet so much time spent in detective mode can make you miss these) the gameplay is great and i love the fact there are loads of bad guys with guns so you have to think about how to attack rather then just jumping down and laying the smacketh down on all there candy arses!
    Like the cat women addition to as it add's a little something extra to the game.

    As a whole i would give this 4.5 out of five as there just seems to be about it preventing the 5/5

  6.  dear oh dear!!!


    Firstly anyone who thinks this is the game of the year needs a slap!!!

    Were do I start with this, I usually love both COD and Battlefield as they are both different types of FPS's, this time around though I think this is really really poor.

    Single player - Far to short graphics are poor movement is poor and story is poor, I was really hoping for a epic conclusion to this story but it fails to deliver in a big way.

    Multiplayer - Totally just an expansion back which in my opinion seems to make the graphic worse then they were before!!

    In whole this game feels really dated and I don't feel like any effort has been put in at all, seems like they were just trying to hit a deadline! on behalf of all COD fans I would say we would much prefer to wait until March to get a complete epic game rather then this tosh!!

    Wouldn't recommend this game to anyone massive let down, but I'm sure many will still buy it as there so many people with totally blind faith!!

    Poor poor poor poor game !!!!!

  7.  Brilliant!!!!


    Firstly, to expect the graphics to be as good as a high end PC on the xbox or playstation you must be a total idiot! The graphics still on the console versions are stunning to the point at times you can forget you are playing a game the movement is fantastic and the lighting really helps the atmosphere.

    Campaign - great fun, I must agree with some other guys there was a moment where I thought the story felt like black oops but I found this more intense, generally a great campaign my only complaint is it was a little short.

    Mulitplayer - well what can I say the best multiplayer ever bar none!!! great maps great add ons and loads of them, graphics are great, I haven't found any of these bugs or problems with lag others have moaned about at all. the 1 guy who moaned in his review about not being able to crash though buildings with tanks etc.. well you obviously haven't tried these things as if you had you would know you dam well can and I loved it!!

    Overall this game is a must have, game of the year will be really difficult this year between this, gears 3 and batman but I think I would give it to Battlefield due to play ability you will be playing this for years or until bad company 3 comes out anyway!

    5 out 5 game no doubt!!!!!!!!!

  8.  One of the best games ever!


    What can I say this simply is brilliant, I can honestly say after about 8 hours worth of play I can't find a fault.
    The graphics are much sharper and the game is very fluent throughout, there is also so much to keep you occupied with loads of online options and an amazing campaign which I am 4 hours in and it just seems to be getting better and better.
    5 stars just isn't enough i can only see 1 game getting close to as good as this is and that comes out next month so we will see.

    If you haven't got it yet go get it, gears 3 really is a must have.

  9.  Demo Only


    Well done again!!
    usually find the demo isn't as good as the full version if that is the case with this fifa12 should be amazing, the new close dribbling is brilliant feels so realistic! i found the long ball passes are much much better to!
    graphics look sharper and i like the way the camera now moves when you score everything generally looks great!
    Can't wait for the full version, but have gears 3 first to keep me occupied!!!



    My title says it all, really don't waste your money!

    Single player - is ok but very very short I done it on normal in under 4 hours, when I thought the game and story was getting interesting the credits came up! I couldn't believe my eyes.

    The graphic are pretty poor and not at all what we have come to expect,

    Game play was very slow and I am not saying it is slow compared the ultra fast COD I mean it is Very slow in General, sprinting doesn't make any difference at all.

    Multiplayer - This is what really can make or brake a game for me and well on this occasion it just added to the hopelessness of homefront. I can't be bothered to sit here and pick out every fault with it as I would be here all day! it is very very poor all around.

    I would not recommend this game to anyone as it really is that poor, I even put up with it for a week then thought I just had to trade it in.