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  1.  What a film!


    I'm sure many horror fans like myself were sceptical about the combining of two great horror legends into one movie. Everyone has their favourite horror anti-heroes, and pitting them against each other reminds me of the whole 'my dad is stronger than your dad' argument from childhood days. Alien vs Predator tried it and unfortunately failed; they were from two complete different generations which was always going to be a problem. Freddy and Jason however, were both set in the present and thus making it a lot easier to work with.

    This movie originally sparked outrage from horror fans at Ronny Yu's decision to give the part of Jason to somebody other than Kane Hodder. His reasoning behind it was apparently that he wanted jason to 'tower over Freddy' and in Hodder's case he was just less than a foot taller than the 5' 10 Robert Englund. He also wanted Jason to be slower unlike Hodder's acting style which saw Jason as an agile killing machine.

    The overall turnout of the movie was great in my opinion. They kept Freddy's trademark humour and Jason's silent, eerie presence. The acting wasn't that bad, although at times it was pretty lame. But hey, on the plus side, the awful Kelly Rowland is in this movie and she couldn't possibly last long in a horror flick, right? 5 Stars for a great idea and execution of that idea to perfection. Now lets just see if Freddy vs Jason vs Michael (Myers, Halloween) is anything like its predecessor

  2.  Does exactly what an apron and gauntlet is meant to do


    There isn't really much to be said about this item. I received mine as a Christmas present from the missus (apparently, buying me a novelty apron and gauntlet was intended to make me cook more... yeah right) But it is fun to wear for BBQ's etc. Ordinary washing and keeps your clothes free from burns and oil splatters. What else can i say?

  3.  The Greatest, Crudest, Fattest comedian is back!


    Chubby Brown really is one of the greatest comedians, by way of lewd, crude gags, to grace England with his presence. His shows get funnier. his jokes more controversial and his fans keep growing in numbers as Chubby proceeds on his inevitable path to the comic Hall of Fame. If you're easily offended avoid at all costs because Chubby's range of gags are so vast that you're bound to wind up on the recieving end of them. If like me, you are a huge fan of Mr Brown, then buy this DVD regardless of price as it will be the wisest investment of your life. 5 out of 5 for the funniest fat man around!

  4.  like looking at the real deal


    I love this statue which I currently have stored in my Movie Museum which is basically a small room with a bit of movie memorabilia in it. I got this statue from a closing down sale at a warehouse near to where i live. As soon as i saw it i knew i had to have it. I have checked the specifications on play and it is definately the same as the one i managed to get hold of. The detail is unbelievable and its sheer size! It almost brushes the ceiling and it was a pain getting it into the house let alone in the desired room. It took two of us to carry it and it really is a spectacular piece of memorabilia to own. If you are quite well off and can afford 5 grand then i'd recommend you buy it! Would look good in any horror fans collection of memorabilia.

  5.  Were you guys watching the same film?


    I can't believe so many people have put this movie down. Why? I loved it! There's nothing better than a couple of british comedians taking the p*** out of the horror industry. I mean how could you say the film is 'boring'? If you want an in depth vampire flick go and watch that twilight rubbish. This movie is just meant to be fun and thats what it is. Hilarious!

    If you haven't seen this movie before and are contemplating it, take it from me, its worth the money. It's a laugh-a-minute storyline with some of the best comedy talent Britain has to offer. Buy it and you'll be laughing within the first 5-10 minutes (if not then you might wanna go to the doctor's and tell him that you're DEAD INSIDE!)
    5 stars for a hilarious film

  6.  Rivals Shaun of the Dead!


    I saw this film a few days ago and its still making me laugh. Pure comedy brilliance that will be sure to have you in stiches. If you liked Shaun of the Dead you will LOVE this movie. Hilarious acting, loveable characters and a stupid, but brilliant, storyline. Wasting Away has a fair amount of blood and gore which should satisfy the horror fans in all of us. However, if you look at this movie expecting the next best thing to edge-of-your-seat terror, then walk away. This movie isn't scary and isn't intended to be so don't waste your time if that's what your looking for. Five stars for one of the funniest horror-comedy's I have seen in a long time.

  7.  What a great adaptation of a great book


    I had high hopes for this movie when I went to see it at the cinema. After the success of the Da Vinci Code I was hoping to encounter a similar experience with Angels and Demons... I wasn't disappointed. Tom Hanks steals the show with his portrayal of Robert Langdon. I don't know about anyone else who has read the book, but he is exactly how I imagined him to be! The movie sticks to the majority of the plot but obviously couldn't include every aspect of it. To all those who criticised it for not sticking to the plot completely; WAKE UP! How long did it take you to read the book? A day? Half a day? A week? You try putting all of that onto the big screen and see what happens. That's the best thing about adaptations; if the movie misses anything out, you can just read the book and all is well.

    The movie is brilliant. Brilliant acting, Brilliant adaptation and an all round great watch. I would recommend it to anyone whether you have read the book or not, its a gripping movie full of mystery and suspense and i can't really think of any negatives

  8.  Look at it's year before you rip it to shreds!


    I kind of agree with some of the reviewers who have given this movie at least 3 stars (the review before mine regarding the Teletubbies comment had me in stiches) But what most have overlooked is the date this film was first released. 1972 people! We were still on the verge of Christopher Lee's movies and only just emerging from black and white horror flicks, so this film took us all by surprise. You need to take that into account before you start slating it for 'not being scary enough' or 'not gory enough'. Of course it isn't if you compare it to today's standards of gore as seen in Hostel and Saw and the like. Take into account that this movie is by Wes Craven. When has he EVER made a bad film?

    The acting isn't bad and it isn't, as stated by a previous reviewer, the FULL uncut version. It has additional scenes etc and that gives it an added bonus, but its very unlikely you'll ever see the complete uncut version unless you get it from somewhere that specialises in distributing uncut, previously banned movies. The film in general is fine though; great storyline, not bad acting for its time and contains scenes which sparked rows over controversy in the 70's. You should buy it just for that! If old Maggie Thatcher had her way you wouldn't even have chance to see it so be grateful that its actually available for you to buy before you go ripping it to shreds.

  9.  Quite good, but not a patch on what apparently happened


    As soon as I heard about this film, alarm bells started ringing. Amityville Horror anyone? Sure enough the entire movie has elements of the Amityville Horror throughout. Whether its the whole 'true story' bit or the similar plot of living in a haunted house, who knows? Anyone who knows about the 'true' story of The Haunting in Conneticut back in the 80's will agree that this movie does exaggerate a tad when portraying it onto the big screen. Obviously, they can't include the part where the family were 'apparently' raped and sodomized by demons, but I fail to see why they only had one exorcist when in actual fact it was a married couple. Anyway, as soon as you see the words; 'based on a true story' you can tell straight away that the company are too lazy to scare you. So, they provide minimal jumpy moments a creepy ideology and then slap the 'true story' title onto the front cover.
    Pushing that rant to one side, the movie itself is not that bad. It did have a good few jumpy moments and it kinda stuck to the original story (albeit loosley) Overall, 4 stars for not a bad interpretation of some random family's bid to earn a bit of cash.

  10.  5 stars!... What else?


    It looks like me and 'Movieaddict' are the only people who see sense when writing a review for this movie. How can Hellraiser be geiven LESS than 5 stars? First of all I just shrug off those who gave the movie 2-3 stars because they obviously haven't got the slightest idea of what makes a good movie. The movie is adapted from Clive Barker's (one of the greatest horror writers of our time) The Hellbound Heart.; brilliant book; brilliant movie. One of the first things a movie lover has to do is put themselves in the mindset of when the film was released. If you watch this movie with the knowledge of 'The Matrix'-style effects, you're obviously not going to enjoy it!
    The movie had brilliant special effects for its time. A terrific plot (obviously) and it created one of the most renowned horror characters ever; Pinhead. This guy is up there with Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface - the lot. So its worth buying just to witness the birth of an iconic horror legend.
    If you're still not convinced then picture this; the movie creates a completely new ideology of hell. There's no fire,flames or the big red beast with horns. There's just... pain - mind numbing, nerve shredding suffering with hooks, chains, knives - basically anything that can hurt you.

    For the price that Play is offering you'd be a fool not to take advantage of it. Even if you only ever watch it once or twice, you can be satisfied with the knowledge that you own a piece of horror movie history that has helped shape the way horror movies are made today. 5 Stars for a Horror classic!