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  1.  Mini Mouse


    Ok, so...
    If your gunna be using this guy right next to your laptop its a great little mouse and its tiny which i love BUT .... I bought this to control my laptop from across the room as i normally have it connected to my tv, but the range on the thing is absolutely pathetic. it says its upto 1.2 metres but mine has trouble at about 70cm which is just rubbish..
    So 3 stars because its a nice little mouse but only buy if you will be using it close to the laptop!

  2.  Question...


    Can anyone tell me the range of this mouse as i need one that will work upto 2 metres away from my laptop!

  3.  Left 4 Dead


    This is the sort of game you pick up expecting to be another good game from Valve and its actually a fantastically brilliant piece of work.
    If you have xbox live and any sense at all you will already have this title and be racking up the kills and loving it. This game is so much fun with people youve never spoken to before let alone with your close mates. The factor of team work features highly and is necessary in all situations especially when playing as the infected in versus mode. Talking to each other is essential, theres no way around it.

    Anyway its not the longest game ever but i love it and will for a long time to come.

  4.  Fantastic


    Being a mssive fan of the old mk gems i added this to my list of must buys the month. Luckily it arrived a day early so i slammed it into my box (while ignoring the painfully crap nxe) and ...... Awesome!
    This is a great game and anyone deciding to get it definately should. For only 30 quids this is a real must buy and the element of dc just adds to the playability, fan base and of course fatalities.... There arnt as many characters as i thought there would be but this is an excellent game and i'll be on this all day today too...
    The graphics are top notch, the gamepay reminds me of ultimate mk 3, which just rules....not tried online yet, well tried but no one to fight.... I have most certainly enjoyed kickin some butt on this superb title, and even my girlfriend likes it, which says alot.
    Again for 30 quids you can go wrong, but not here...
    5/5 From me ....

  5.  Simply awesome


    I was gunna try and write a good review for this game but i dont need to!!

    Exchange many of your hard earned quids on this little tickler...

  6.  Dead Space dismembered my life


    Ok, i love this game, its not as scary as i hoped it would be but the intense atmosphere of the gameplay is just fantastic. Just completed it for the second time and here i go again, i dont think i have a life or a girlfriend anymore.
    I seriously recommend this amazing title to any horror fans and anyone mildly interested in cutting off limbs....
    The gameplay as i said is so intense you cant stop playing. The controls, audio, visual design and the aliens are just perfect, keeping you so immersed. I really believe im gunna be playing this game over and over until i literally die from thumb over-use.
    I give this game a mighty 5 out of 5 and i now have a new favourite game!!!

  7.  Wow! What a game....


    Bioshock brings me a variety of different feelings while playing.
    First, visual amazement. The beauty of the game is extraordinary and compared to some "games" being released now, it just exceeds 10 fold.
    Second, Fear. Playing this game in the dark is absolutely brilliant. I cant remember the last game that made me feel about 5 years old hiding under the covers, other than the scary games i was playing when i was 5! The feeling of not know whats going to happen next is chilling but you just cant wait!
    Third, Excitement. The sheer joy of beating a big daddy with nothing but a shotgun and some harsh language is tremendous and some of the "genes" are truely awesome to wield.
    The gameplay of this thrilling survival treat is almost perfect, its well paced and there are many variations and combinations of weapons to use so youll never be bored with the combat side of things. The detail of the game presentation can be described only as unique because of the random underwater world riddled with mad and mentally deformed civilians trying to find their next fix of "ADAM", the precious substance every resident of the city now craves at terrifying levels. Also the story is presented in such a way that you cant wait to find the next audio tape to hear its superb and occaisionally ridiculously funny recording detailing a minor snippet of the story or a personal experience of some kind.
    I cant put this game down and am so glad i found it for £15 in town and i dont think i'll be trading it anytime soon, this should keep me happy until Dead Space comes out next month!
    5/5 from me, top shelf material!!

  8.  Mass Boredom


    I picked up this game a while back, just after release because of its amazing looks and all the hype that it would be the most in depth RPG to date and so on...
    Well its certainly true that there is alot of depth to this game but to be honest it just takes to long to do anything. I dont have the biggest amount of patience but i know its not just me that found this game to be the most drawn out game in the universe. I got fed up with just wondering around looking for where i was supposed to go to find a guy, then he says go here, so you slowly jog to somewhere else to find out you are bored...
    Its also true that the graphics of the game are superb and the effort put in from the developers must have been colossial. I would just prefer more excitement to a game than just gasping at some guys colossial effort.
    I apologise to anyone who loves this game, i just cant be bothered with it.

  9.  Should have been better


    Having recently rented this title i was expecting good things from other reviews and videos and so on. It would seem im not the only one that after about 2 - 3 hours of gameplay just got bored. The fighting mechanic works well but its not good enough, you can pull of a quick 3 hit combo then the guys hits you (so you block) then he stands there waiting for you to hit him again. I found this happens every single fight and it just got to me. hit him, block, hit him, block, hit him, block, for ages!
    I do like the takedown idea, especially when you build it up and pull of a 3 guy takedown but it doesnt make the game for me.
    Good idea just needs the gameplay tweaked for a more enjoyable experience...

  10.  Elite!


    Had a premium console for well over a year and got some extra cash so i forked out for a nice lcd tv and an elite! WOW! HD gaming is out of this world.
    I have played a Ps3 at a friends house and experienced their online side, and i have to say the Xbox 360 and Live are so much better. There may be arguements stating the Ps3 is more powerful, but to be honest does it really need to be more powerful? The Xbox seems to be doing alright, does it not? Plus the games on Xbox are so much better (i.e Gears of War!!)
    I, like many have not seen a ring of death on either of my consoles. All you hear about is the people that do, never about the success stories....
    Anyway I love this console and would recommend it to anyone having a dilemma, deciding which to get! Its 50 quids cheaper and the games and online service are much, much better, what more do you need - well maybe 40gb more hard drive space!