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  1.  Great EarPhones bust quickly :-(


    These are my 3rd pair of CX earphones. I have had a set of CX300 and a pair of CX400 and I love the sound quality but I have had all of those in the last one and a half years as they break very quickly and these CX300 MK2 are even worse! I have only had these 1 month and the plug has broken in half! I guess the glue has gone and then all is left is the small internal wire to hold it together so the next time I removed it from my iPhone it will die... :-(

    I would make sure that when you remove it you put your nails under the metal at the bottom to prevent this as 2 out of the 3 I have had have all broken this way!

  2.  Great PDA and good phone!


    I ignored the iPhone when it was first released as it was missing really basic phone functionality like cut n paste, Picture Messages, 3G (on a phone designed for internet access!) and more than that it was locked to O2 (UK) with no other legal options!

    Then with the announcement of the new Version 3.0 of the software and all that brings it has fixed all but a few small drawbacks of this great device and then they started selling them Sim Free legally in the UK (thanks Play.com!) I got one...
    Obviously I haven't got the 3.0 Software yet as it's not out but if I ignore those problems this phone is great!

    SOME of the good (Not enough room for all of them!):
    1.) Interface is amazing! Really easy to use and fairly fast. I never feel I am waiting (Unlike my 5 mins with the Blackberry Storm!) and even though the touch screen keypad is so small its SOO easy to type with! I can use it like a normal computer keypad (but with 2 fingers) and even though I do now and then make mistakes it just autocorrects them and 95% of the time it IS correct! I can type a text message much faster than I could any other phone I have ever owned from the very early Nokia's!

    2.) Apps store... VERY cool and useful and I suspect will become even better when they remove some of the restrictions to the SDK like Bluetooth locked down etc...

    3.) Touch screen: Multi-touch is ace... works well in loads of situations on these small screens that PDAs have and seems to solve the problem of viewing full web pages on the mobile devices!


    There are a few more hardware changes that I believe are still needed make this phone perfect and I have put them in the order that they affect me:

    Still needs fixing: (Ignoring the stuff they say they have fixed in V3.0):
    1.) Reception: The iPhone reception is much worse than any other phone I have had recently... For example my SE K850i would have 3-4 bars and the iPhone will just be getting 1 or if the K850i has 1 bar (enough to make a call on Orange) my iPhone now will be struggling to get service to send a txt. If I am at work I use to always get reception (I work in a big tin can!) but now I only get reception on my desk when I leave my iPhone still for a while. If I pick it up and move it around I will quickly lose all service ("No Service" where the bars should be). It's not causing me too much problems as I put it on my desk in a holder and listen to music so can still send and receive msgs.

    2.) Battery: It JUST lasts one full day at work with the screen on all day (not locked) so I can change the music and reply to texts. This doesn't really bother me that much as I charge it every night... I could get a second cable and change it at work while I use it from my PC if it did need to though.

    3.) iPod: I am sure I am not alone in thinking you should have more options for choiseing and controlling playlists... I mean you can rate tracks and then only have one choice for playing the "Top Rated". Why can't I search for all 4 and 5 stars or 3 star ratings?
    BUT I suspect this is the same for ALL iPods and its working fairly well for everyone else! LOL So maybe just me! OR maybe this will be included in the new search function for V3.0? :)

    4.) FM/DAB radio... Would be nice for exercising... This I guess will come in future hardware updates..?? ;-)

    5.) Web Browser: Currently I have not been able to find a setting or separate web browser that can pretend to be a normal browser... This means some site force you into a mobile version that has restricted use... :|

    Anyway out of space so hope this helps you choice.
    I LOVE IT! ;-) And bar its few small missing features its PERFECT!


  3.  What happened SE?!


    I had the SE K800i and it was amazing... This just plain sucks!
    I have had this phone now for 18months (at last I can replace it) and it has been the worst phone I have ever owned!
    I have had it flashed several times by SE to fix problems and once it even bricked its self for no reason! SE said it was dead but I managed to get it working again with one of those companies you pay £3 to flash phones or de-brand or unlock etc...

    Other problems:
    - Slow
    - Crashes about 1-3 times a day (always once at lest!)
    - Buttons aren't usable due to the big blue arrow D thing around them (the 2 and 5 keys don't even line up with the others!!!)
    - Colour scratches off everything making it look tacky
    - 3 Touch buttons will drive you mad!
    - Camera is impossible to turn on with the dedicated button when you need it! (To small and down a hole!)
    - Camera is slow and always seems to be in the wrong settings!
    - If you turn on the cool looking background that always falls down it will make the phone so slow it can't be used!!!
    - Some times the mic will turn off so you can hear ppl but they can't hear you! :-| Very annoying needs the battery pulling to fix
    - Takes over 5 MINS to turn off and back on!!!
    - Did I mention it crashes!
    Good things:
    - Camera is OK at night (close up only)

    To sum up ITS REALLY BAD!!! Don't get it!!!