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  1.  An amazing game that I poured hours into


    I consider myself a driving/racing game fan, but I can be picky about what I enjoy. I really enjoyed Test Drive Unlimited (TDU), thought TDU2 had its moments, loved Dirt 2 but not 3 as much, loved Forza 3 but not 4 as much. That said, Forza Horizon hits a sweet spot that has me completely hooked to it.

    The basic premise is an open world, with a good choice of cars. The cars are king in this game, with the focus clearly being on them, rather than any ridiculous side-story (I'm looking at you TDU2!). The big names including Lamborghini are here, except for Porsche, but having RUF will, to a certain extent, fill that niche. Within a brand are a wide range of models, with anything from an Aston Martin DB5 of yesteryear to a modern day One-77 to choose from.

    For what I want from a racing game, the handling is perfect. I've heard dedicated racing gamers and journalists say that the handling can still feel a little simplified and not a 1-2-1 simulation of actual driving, but if you appreciate that it's close, and not trying to be a direct simulation, then it's close enough for most. If you're a beginner, you can have a multitude of assists on, while those more experienced can turn off your racing line, ABS, automatic gearbox, rewind features etc., and be rewarded for doing so by getting cash multipliers for winning races with these assists off. Cars have enough character to feel unique, and you'll definitely have to adjust your driving style from one car to the next. Just upgrading your car, using the typical suite of Forza tools, can drastically alter the feel of a car (as you'd expect).

    The world itself is big but not huge. Don't go into this game expecting 2 islands to play with, but do expect to be able to get lost in the scenery through simply enjoying driving. The graphics (in my opinion) are gorgeous, with the graphics engine really bringing out the best in the cars and the scenery. The day night cycle brings with it some glorious sunsets, which you'll want to stop and admire, perhaps using the Photo Mode to capture the scene. The camera settings are also head and shoulders above TDU2's offering, with proper settings such as shutter speed, aperture, contrast, vignetting etc. that all come together to provide the tools for some great photos.

    I'm not a multiplayer kind of person, so look to another review for that, but I've heard it's pretty good - however the AI of cars in the world when playing offline can also create ridiculous fun, with other drivers actually going for it. In TDU you'd find another car which would only cruise around at low speed unless you started a race. Not only are instant challenges much better in Horizon (only 1 button to press before you're racing) but you'll find cars will actually push themselves outside of races, and so can be good fun to follow and race for miles, not just pass and then beat to a marker.

    All in all, this is a game that I had to buy having played the demo. Once the demo had its claws in me, I pre-ordered the game, and am so glad that I did. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes open world driving games, or is looking for a driving game that can be serious when you want it to be, but on the surface is good fun.

  2.  Almost but not quite


    First off i would say that for the price, I would recommend getting this free with the HD-DVD Drive which is double the price but down from over £100. As for the remote itself it is quite good, and having a remote for my console which can also work with my tv is great. However there are a few little things that are starting to annoy me.
    One is the buttons, which all feel flimsy. My main problem though, is with the volume controls - keeping it pressed does nothing! I have to keep pressing it repeatedly to turn it down quickly - not good! But that isn't a lot to complain about, as this little piece of kit does everything it needs to. Initial installation for my tv wass also a doddle, with the remote tuning itself based on changing signal.

  3.  In between Need for speed and Burnout


    As a racing game this is good. Buy it if you like arcade-style handling and graphics including damage. If you love realistic handling buy ProStreet, Gran Turismo or Forza. However where this game beats all others is the modification.
    In other games eg. NFS Underground 2 you modified your cars using a set of pre-designed parts made by EA, apart from the wheels which were manufacturer's. They took it up a bit with autosculpt but still you were making a car that would never be on the road. BUT Juiced uses official aftermarket parts and bodykits.
    For example the Fiat Coupe can be given the official Fiat 'Limited Edition' Bodykit, along with spoilers and lights readily available - in short you can make a car in the game that you could see in real life, or if you wanted to, you could make in real life!
    Altogether, if not compared with the likes of NFS and Forza, great game, good graphics and well worth the money for the mods alone.

  4.  Great game - and i'm not even a golf fan


    Now i'm no big golf fan. I don't watch golf, i don't play golf, however this game has me hooked - especially as i've put myself in the game using the GameFace feature. Took a couple pictures using a ps2 eyetoy and 20mins later - im halfway across the world on some course playin golf! It can be tedious at times but its still good fun. Definitely glad i waited for the price drop, now making it well worth the price!

  5.  OKish


    Product is exactly as seen but a few things need taking note of. First is that the design is fabric stitched on rather than printed. Also the sleeves aren't quite as long as I expected. Sizing might be an issue, I went for a small which was close to XS, with a tight neck and wrist length sleeves. I would go for a size up just to be sure.

  6.  I WANT MORE!


    Great comeback for Kano, going back to what he's good at. Personally London Town was a bit of a letdown in that Kano seemed to be trying to reach a new audience, and the music didn't sound like kano.
    Now though, borrowing some of the best beats of recent history eg. I Get Money, I'm So Hood, My Name Is, Kano returns to his roots and lays out some great bars that only he could.
    Definite Must Buy for all Kano and 'Home Sweet Home' fans.