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  1.  vinnie " Terminator " jones


    I to was a bit unsure after all the other not so good Vinnie movies I've seen , so a rent later & must say that this was brilliant very good special effects / story / acting / Vinnie has no dialogue ( like terminator ) his actions speak for him. bought on DVD as i couldn't find Blu- ray but if i can find someone to buy it of me i will definitely buy the Blu-ray .

  2.  Season 3 i wont be buying .


    I agree with crazyig the doctor they must think we are all a bit stupid " some maybe" the series has taken a bit of a dive , example episode where they run for shelter from other team to a safe house by some miraculous intervention an anomaly appears & they are set upon . These episodes get harder to watch ; i think that's why our cutter left after seeing the poor scripts for a wonderful series

  3.  Extended


    we the wife & i love this film it has a cracking story line different to other versions to make it more interesting but still keeping to it's basic roots .
    it is not stated in the title but this is the 12 minute extended version & for the price is excellent value ; picture & sound is brilliant on my 50" samsung tv found no faults .

  4.  my dad said


    I cant comment on the quality of the hi def has it's not been released obviously but we do have the dvd box set & my dad said it is the closes that us kids will ever see to what hell they endured for all that we have today . Me myself think this is drama at it's best, brilliantly acted & directed & all true & i hope very educational to those who see what was sacrificed . Cant wait to see in its hi def glory

  5.  wow


    i bought two of these cables to replace my belkin optics because i was having sound drop outs ; but now with these Monsters i no longer get the drop outs but on my panasonic 7.1 amp i can really hear the difference so much so i have turned down the amp some 10 decibels has the clarity is wow . thank play for a optical of immense quality & Value . i will tell my friends .

  6.  unhappy


    i agree with henno 1 about the state of this release i was looking forward to this the moment it was announced for release , Sat down with my nuts ready to eat & after 20 minutes of watching i was getting very angry at the quality of the picture & sound ; in comparison my DVD version is visually better with no grain & ware , i do believe that this print is from the original master & not from the re-mastered cleaned up version: Very Disappointed in fOX if this is how they are going to treat a classic then i dread to see the quality of the Alien franchise WHEN they come Out .

  7.  Most Impressive


    received this player today ; only ordered it 2 days ago outstanding delivery service " thank's playcom " to the review after setting up with the loverly HDMI Leads bought from here as well proceded to test out picture ' could not keep my eyes of the screen picture was better than i hoped it could be it was cleaner , brighter smother than what i was getting of my PS3 & the sound once set up through my 6.1 panasonic set up blew me away excellent
    machine " brilliant site"

  8.  tremendous / outstanding


    thought i would give them a go , has i was going to go & spend at least £100 on some IOXOS cables .
    So When i got home from work & so they had arrived i closed the curtains turned off lights & started to view ant bully / independance day bluray & the frightners HD DVD i was knocked for six picture was 50% improvement over my existing cables so im buying another for my 360 elite .