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  1.  Great!!


    Cheapest place to get it. The main use was for gaming on the PS3. Great look, the black surface does show up dirt and fingermarks like hell though, not a huge problem as your given a nice cloth in the box to wipe it down :) lol
    Had to connect an ariel to get freeview, picture is pretty good with freeview. Obvisouly not as good as if your gonna hook up some Sky HD to it ect
    When we finally connected the ps3 up to the tv in HD. my eyes melted. The difference was amazing, when i now go to a friends i cry, it just looks rubbish if its not in HD!
    My main complaint is the control. It looked... nasty.... felt like crap.
    When trying to navigate the menu's (which there are alot of, so you can easily customise all your settings) it was laggy and unresponsive, the menu's are easy to read, good layout and simple. Just that selecting what you want is slow and annoying.
    Overall, Stylish, Cheap, Great picture, Great sound, Beautiful to look at when in HD, Easy to navigate, Horrible remote, Unresponsive Remote, Dust collected is easy to see.

  2.  What youd expect...


    It just does what you would expect really.
    It looks ok.
    Voice is clear when you speak, none of that awful noise you hear from other people's headsets.
    You can wear it in your ear, or place it in the stand, either way your voice is still picked up nicely.
    The stand is a bit flimsy.. it looks nice but just feels like poundland has made it.
    Charged while plugged into the ps3 via usb, very handy. Can also turn it on while in the dock.
    The Wire from dock to ps3 is really short IMO, not good :(
    The buttons on the heaset are nice and easy to use, power on/off, mute, volume up/down.
    The main reason i didnt give 5 stars (abit harsh lol) is coz it feels like it takes an absolute age to turn off the headset.... Your supposed to hold it down for about 5 seconds. but sometimes it feels like im holding it for about 5 years. not really a huge complaint, just annoyed me sometimes.

  3.  Great


    Well i got this phone about... 2 years ago? it was my first phone and i didnt want something too expensive but a decent phone.
    It looks great. When i first got it i was always getting comments on how good it looked :P (a teacher even confiscated it off me and began to talk to me about it) The screen is nice and wide, very clear. Not the slimmest phone but its a good size and fits in your palm nicely. I mainly wanted a phone for texting, over the two years ive had this ive sent on average of 3000+ texts EACH month. its just brilliant to text on, keys are spaced well, and are of a good size. the one downside of the keys is that they are starting to break atm.. :( but im assuming this is down to the amount of texts im sending rather than the quality of the keys. Call quality is pretty good, but i find it drains the battery rather quickly. camera is 3.2mp which is allright. typical SE menu's simple to find what you want and easy to navigate. Being a walkman phone it has a media button to go straight to MP3's. the shake control is cool too (sometimes it does blast volume at full into your ears if you dont get the wrist movement perfect, but thats not really a problem haha) The charger is also great as you can plug your headphones into the charger. tht way you still get headphones and power at the same time which is great. The phone also seems to be fairly damage proof... ive dropped my phone about a million times. its been punched out of my hand. ive dropped it about 2/3 metres on a few occasions and although it has a few marks it still works almost as good as new (occasionally it turns off :S but thats down to me dropping it rather than the phone being bad again)
    So go buy this phone. now. it still a great looking phone. does what you expect easy and simply. nice big screen, great keys, has all the SE features like Photo editors, music DJ. good battery life, decent camera, drop proof :)

  4.  One of the Best


    This game is one of the best ps3 games out, yeh i bought it late 2008 but this game is still one of the games you need to play along with cod4,gta 4 ect
    This game has great graphics,the outdoor environments are brilliant with so much foliage, trees swaying, shadows between branches, water looks and flows realisticly. there is also a variety of indoor locations, churches,bunkers,towers and much more. the story is very good and involving and voice acting is great and funny at times.

    the combat is easy to get to grips with, you can wall hug,switch arms you are firing with to see around corners, roll to cover and also enter melee combat with the press of a button.

    there are also puzzles in the game that you need to solve to open up a door to move to the next area, most of them are pretty easy to solve as you have a diary with you that gives you hints but there was one that i got stuck on in some stupid library...

    100% trophies is pretty simple to get took me around 20 hrs to do that, last difficulty is a real paint though, the game isnt long, took me about 6 hours on normal so on your first playthrough try hard.

    for £15 its a great deal you need to get this game if you own a ps3

  5.  Good Shirt


    Good quality, looks good, price is ok, that pretty much it.

    The only problem with it is the size. Im 16 but im really small and skinny, i ordered a medium and its a little bit too small, i also ordered another bench hoodie that was medium and it fits me fine.

    Suppose that my fault ? But apart from that its a great t-shirt

  6.  You MUST buy this


    I got this game a few weeks ago, all I have heard about this game is that its the best online game ever, so i decided to buy it.

    The graphics are good and the single player is brilliant, the missions are fun and locations are always different as you swap between two characters on different parts of the world. Single player is a bit too short but it is very involving and takes a bit longer if you play it on veteran.

    The best part of the game is multiplayer, you start off at rank 1 and have to earn XP through killing others and winning games to raise your rank. the higher your rank the more weopons and perks you unlock, weopons can be customized with scopes and camoflages as you complete challenges. there are thousands of players online nearly all time so you will always find a good game. Online is addicting as you constantly try to complete challenges and unlock the next weopon and certain games can be really challenging if your playing against a good team.

    there are team deathmatches, free for alls, headquarters, search and destroy and domination matches so you can always find a game type you prefer and the maps are all well detailed and large (apart from sipment).

    overall anyone with a good pc should have this game and the price atm is ok.

  7.  brilliant game


    just like all the other pokemon games this one is also addictive, keeps you playing for a long long time. there are still some of the original pokemon to find and there are also loads more new ones to capture. there are towns, woods and caves to explore. graphics look very good. you can also trade with other pokemon games that are in your ds such as ruby or sapphire and wirelessly with other players.

    This is worth buying and is so much better than any of the other pokemon games.

  8.  very good game, worth buying


    very good expansion pack. whole new single player campaign and 3 new civilizations to control, lots of new units and adding wonders for the asian civilizations means you can get new abililities. some added units and technologies to the old civilizations aswell. Multiplayer is good fun (still) and they have also used new types of matches from the original age of empires and lots of new maps to play on, the game is also compatible with age of empires 3.

    this expansion is much better than warcheifs and it is worth buying.