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  1.  Really great game


    I really love this game. It is really addictive and I love all the clothes, some of them I wish I could wear myself! My 8 year old daughter loves it too, it really is suitable for any age. The game goes by the DS internal clock, so it follows the seasons and knows what day of the week it is. When you get your own Boutique, it can get a bit more difficult and some customers are harder to please than others. The only criticisms I have are that you are only allowed 8 characters for the name of your Boutique and also the game doesn't have a left handed option, as you hold the DS like a book, (I am left handed). Would definitely recommend this game though.

  2.  Not too bad


    Ok it is good. But you spend a lot of time skipping through stuff and I do find that babbling the presenters do instead of talking a bit annoying. I think if they had used real voices, then the game would have cost a lot more to produce. Worth getting though If you enjoy Dancing On Ice.

  3.  Simply fabulous!


    I love their previous work, but this is the 1st of their albums which I like all the way through and I just can't stop listening to it. I love playing on my way to work and it really gets rid of those morning blues. Reminiscent of 70's & 80's disc, which I just love. My favourites are the title track, running out (which reminds me of sparks, remember them?) and invisible light. Truly a great album and a must have in your cd collection.

  4.  Good special effects but that's it.


    I didn't watch this at the cinema, but was delighted when I heard it was going to be released on DVD and Blu ray so soon after the cinema release. I was looking forward to it arriving, when we watched it, I was bitterly disappointed. Yes the special effects are great and the picture quality on Blu ray is excellent, but that's it. Boring storyline, bad acting. I guess with it being a James Cameron film you expect more, but it is actually over-rated and over-hyped garbage.

  5.  Am happy but not overwhelmed.


    This is my first Samsung phone, after mainly being an SE owner. And this is also my first touch screen phone.

    Good points:- Call clarity is good. Battery life is good, can usually squeeze about 5-6 days out of it before it needs charging. Screen is nice and bright. I like the fact you can change the fonts on the text messages. Good quality camera.

    Bad points:- Screen is not as responsive as I'd like. It's a pain to get into the camera to use it and it's awkward to set up the options, as I find the icons round the edge of the screen confusing. The widgets I have to say are a waste of time. They don't stick in place, you only have to run your finger across the screen and they disappear. You place them where you want and then when you switch your phone back on they've moved.

    I get the pop up to say I've got a new text message and have to tap "view" a number of times before it responds.

    The phone locks up too quick, by the time I've thought about what I'm doing, I have to unlock it again.

    The fake call thing! A good feature yes, but to activate it you have to press and hold one of the volume buttons on the side, which means when I get my phone out of my bag I set it off accidentally and there's no option it seems to disable it. I keep accidentally changing the volume and vibration settings and you only need to press the volume button when the phone is unlocked.

    Have dropped 2 stars as there seem to be more bad points than good points for me.

  6.  Very pleased with my Nano!


    I have always put off buying an Ipod, purely because of the lack of FM radio, which I do quite often use. So the addition of this in the latest generation is very welcome.
    The Nano is slim, light and easy to use. The sound is great. I would recommend getting a better pair of headphones, as the ones in the box arent really that good.
    I have also found that the volume is quite low, even with the volume limit set to maximum.

    Battery life is good.

    The only real gripes I have with Ipods is the search facility, is really is fiddly and also the fact there is no dedicated volume button, having it integrated into the click wheel is a real pain, you end up changing the volume by accident and when you do actually want to change the volume, you end up being in the wrong screen.
    Overall am very pleased with my Nano.

  7.  Lovely film and great value


    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. The sticker pack was a nice addition and also it's good that as well as the Blu ray, you get a DVD version and digital copy. Very handy for watching round relatives that perhaps don't have Blu ray players. Would recommend.

  8.  Favourite CD in my collection


    I really love this CD. It covers most of his career, with his brothers and as a solo artist. I grew up with his music in the 80's and many of the songs from this era remind me of that time. It's one of those rare albums that you can listen to it from start to finish and not skip a track. My kids are aged 5 & 7 and they both love this album too! My favourite track is "can you feel it". This album really is a must buy for any music fan. There will never be another MJ. R.I.P Michael.

  9.  Very good item


    I bought this for my new PSP and it works like a treat. No problems with saved games. Very good value for a 4GB.

  10.  Really gorgeous and NOT PINK


    Decided on the red one, as hubby already has the white one and we didn't want the same. Nearly had the blue one. The red is just totally gorgeous and it isn't pink, but a lovely deep red.

    It's a shame Sony don't include a Memory stick in the box, so I've ordered a 4GB one today. The power cable could have been longer too, so you can play and charge at the same time.

    On the whole a fantastic item. I would recommend getting a case for travelling though.