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  1.  MMO's can be fun


    This shall not be a long review or a bias one. I have played mmos for nearly 8 years and played FFXI, wow, LOTRO, and more.

    Firstly, I like how there is no holy trinity where you must have a tank, a healer and 3 dps. Your character is a dps with heals basicly. It makes groups easier to come by and it also means people are not excluded from a group either,

    Dynamic questing replaces the MMO genre of find a quest giver and then hand in quest mechanic, and replaces it with random world events which everyone can just jump in a help. The more you help the greater the reward, so nobody can jump in the last second and get the rewards as someone whom helped the most.

    The races are nice, and the professions are balanced.

    The pvp is vastly better than any MMO I have played.

    This game is good for those looking for a better MMO, or those that hate the current style of MMOs.

    5/5 ANET has made a game worthy of bringing down WoW subs even more.

  2.  gt5


    For people who want a simulator, not an arcade game.

  3.  Amazed


    This is a review of the codex edition, and not the actual game itself.

    This was a complete suprise to me, I pre ordered this for the extra characters mainly and the rest was totally unexpected.

    This box set is GORGEOUS. The tin is plastic and very detailed like an assassins tomb.

    Inside were the extra dvds, trading cards, map...game...wheres the game?? Total panic, and I nearly cried. However Im not going to say where the game is, but its in there for you to discover.

    Everything about this set is beautiful. My only moan is that the lid on the tin was a bit damaged, as the pegs that slot in on firmly were snapped, but due to a bit of glue its not noticeable.

    The price for this was worth every penny.

  4.  Are you all kids?


    Why is this not in the top 10 play.com wii sales? This game has about 4000 people on sometimes at once so clearly its being bought as not everyone even plays online. (Which you should do as its the better mode to play)

    So if your reading this and havnt bought it, I am telling you too. This game is practically a MMORPG without laggy cities full of naked people, instead you select a city with upto 4 people, if you dont like them, go to another of the hundreds of cities. Its chuffin lovely.

    I cant be bothered to go into detail about the games amazing play and graphics, all I will say is this is my favorite game ive ever played on a console and maybe even ever.

  5.  Making levels


    MAking levels on this game is really fun and takes a while, but you can create just about anything. I got this for Christmas, and i wanted to check out some user created levels before I played and it really suprised me what people could come up with!

    My first user level was a Sonic level and it was complete with a flying tails and the checkpoints from the sega games. I was impressed.

    I have started making a war-time level with burning buildings and a tank. I cant wait to finish it.

    Buy this game if you have online play, as this is whats its for. If you dont have your psp connected. This game is rated 2-3 stars.

  6.  Multiplayer maddness


    I am a big fan of american football, and a bafl player.

    The last madden game was great for me and mates to have a laugh at the mini games, but this game has entered a new realm of awesomeness. Fumbleitus is so funny, seeing everyone drop the ball and trying to dive on it is hilarious.

    The graphics are better cartoon-like, as there is a higher detail on the pitch and in the crowd aswell as the players themselves.

    The running game has improved vastly, you can avoid glitched tackles completely as the players run smoothly.

    The pass def is improved, and the cbs will actually dive on the players.

    What i love was to see one of my tackles raise his arm to swat the ball from a pass, something i never saw on 09.

    The downside is online again!!!
    We do not have enough madden lovers in the uk for just a uk only online, i would take lag over having players online: 1 (And thats me) anyday.

    Buy this if you have friends.

  7.  Online FPS


    I was really looking forward to this game as it looked alot like unreal tourny multiplayer, and a decent single player- which the wii lacked.

    The game feels alot like metroid, the targeting etc. NOTE THE WORD TARGETING. I read it in the game manual and I thought it would be easy to kill enemies with no skill, however its not. Its more of a health meter, skill shots still take some skill.

    The maps are great, the customisation is really good.

    There is a ranking system= win.

    If you want this for multiplayer its great, the single player so far is ok.

    The downside is the graphics, It looks worse than i thought. Im using the HDTV cable and its on best possible graphics and it looks good but not great, shooting water splashes and ripples etc but it just seems a bit stretched out. Maybe on a small tv it would look better.

    Buy this if your a fan of shooters, as its the best shooter on the wii.

    4 1/2 / 5 stars- the graphics lets it down a tiny bit.

  8.  Thought i best review this!


    After seeing the 3 reviews here I thought I best review this!


    I actually play in the BAFL so I am a fan/player of this sport. There is a market to american football in the UK.

    This game is great for rookies and vets of the game, its very good at learning your own real life position and the rules of the game.

    There is stoping and starting in this game like someone said but thats because you have to choose your play each down of course!!! That takes the whole of 2-10 seconds.


  9.  The Rise Of Darkrai


    The Pokemon movies have always been good, but with the new generation starting at D/P the creators needed to step up and give a Pokemon film that would keep people hooked,

    The films plot and visuals have been cranked up, this could be my favorite film of them all, close to the first movie.

    Buy this if your an old fan from when it started 14 years ago, or if your a new fan from the D/P generation.

    Also comes with a Darkrai card in the box, I hav'nt played the card game for about 4-5 years but by the looks of it it the stats are good for a player. Even has a berry that heals it 40HP from being attacked by its weakness.

  10.  Wish maker


    I liked this film quite alot, it is better than a few of the others because it really has a great villan motive.

    I like how vicious they made Absol in it too, because in its nature and Pokedex info it appears before something bad happens.

    The whole film is very fun, small children may not like the ending as the fake Groundon thats created, as it does start swallowing up everyone.

    Buy this if your children or yourself is new to Pokemon, or your a big fan.

    I recommend getting all the films at the low prices they are at the momment!