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  1.  Great value, one of the best PS3 deals i have seen.


    I recently bought this PS3 bundle.......its amazing.

    The PS3 is a very nice piece of kit. The only fault i could see was that it did not come with a HDMI cable, but this was very easy to get over. (You can get a very good HDMI cable from play.com for less than £10).

    The game that come with the bundle are good too. Drakes fortune is one of the best games i have played ever, even if it is a bit short. Ninja Gaiden, however, i am still warming to.

    On the whole this bundle is GREAT value. Well done, play.

  2.  Best graphics on PC.


    Crysis is a power hungry beast! Even good gaming rigs will chug through it at times on High settings. The game play is very inovative. On the downside i found the game play linear. Go here, do this. With a couple of secondary objective thrown in. This was only a minor problem though.

    On the whole crysis is a graphical master piece and a game that every PC gamer should play.

  3.  Initial Installation issue but great when working.


    I Seems that the PC version of Assasins Creed has some major compatability issues with lots of people not being able to install. I had this problem too but i managed to get around it by using my secondary DVD drive (not sure how this worked, but it did!)

    This game (On the highest settings) is much better graphically than the PS3 version, the loading times are considerably shorter than the consoles and the controls (which i was worried about) were very easy to use and re configure.

    I would reccomend this game if you really enjoyed the console versions or if you havent played the the console version and are looking for a solid game.

    The PC version isnt for you however, if you did not enjoy the console version or if you bore easily. The missions become repetative (even with the new missions on the PC version).

    On the whole, Assasins Creed is a good game, and a good port from the consoles.........if you can get it to install. ;)