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  1.  Real very poor - would only appeal to fanboys


    Joined up with my brother and some friends, really looking-forward to playing something other than Warcrack. Sadly this game turns out to be nothing more than a wanna-be Warcrack clone with none of the good features and a heck of a lot of bugs. Think Warcraft but written by a bunch of teenagers and with zero testing. You get the idea.

    Really, this game is an alpha product. I'm shocked at the number of problems I've found in just over ONE WEEK of gameplay. Utterly inexcusable. My thinking is that EA maybe ran out of cash to finish it so got it out the door and are planning to get it completed over the next couple of years. Cos that's how long it will take to finish this game off and get it up to the same standard as the competition.

    PROS :
    - Public quests - they may be samey (as some others have said) but they are still a fresh approach to questing and I really like this. Best feature of the game by far. Would like to see more of these. Also would like to see an expanded list of Rep rewards cos the ones available are just not enough to cover all classes.
    - New content! Biggest reason I wanted to try this game out. I've levelled half a dozen 70's in Warcrack and know the game inside and out. Refreshing to see new quests.
    - You don't have to fly from zone to zone in "realtime", it's an instant zoning effect. Maybe this is unrealistic but it beats sitting on a bat from Ogrimmar to Gadgetzan for 10minutes :-)
    - 1 month of gameplay is free

    - Logon queues (20mins on "low population" servers)
    - numerous CTD (crash to desktop) bugs, which of course place you back into the dreaded Logon queues (see above).
    - Flight paths seem to be located in towns that you can't set as your home waypoint , resulting in a massive walk to/from each time you want to use them
    - lvl 40 level cap. what a joke ! there are quite a few 30+ already on my realm . can't imagine it will take much longer for them to hit the level cap and wonder what they are still doing playing this game !!
    - real bad lag : even with rock solid internet connection, you get mobs "teleporting" to you after you hit them with a ranged weapon. Amateurish in the extreme.
    - virtually non-existing crafting system. Clearly something that was dropped due to time constraints. If you like crafting, steer far far away from this game
    - Looting is a complete pain in the wotsit. Too many dialogues
    - You can't buy or craft bags, so the way the "designers" (I hesitate to use that word, as I doubt there was any real design done on this game!) have gotten around this is that every 10 levels your bags magically grow. I absolutely kid you not.
    - The horses are UGLY UGLY UGLY and look like they were drawn on a ZX-Spectrum 48K and have the comensuration animations to go along with that.
    - Virtually impossible to enter a battleground. Well, at least it has been for me & my friends (have queued for literally HOURS to no effect).
    - The two instances we've tried have been "designed" (again, I use that word cautiously) by a 2 year old. One long corridor with a few rooms off it. I kid you not. Took all of 10 minutes to clear. All the battles were utterly tedious , and the loot was duplicated off the bosses. Absolute joke. To give you an idea of the size of the instances (if you know Warcraft), take Wailing Caverns. And divide by around 100. I'm being deadly serious.

    My advice to any potential player/buyer is : steer well clear for around 18 months. If the game lasts that long, give it a try and it will probably be quite good by then.