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  1.  Far Cry from the brilliant Far Cry 1...


    I have tried to get into this game 4 or 5 times over the last 2 years. I just can't. It looks ok on the whole, but not amazing for a 360 game. The game play is a pain. Frankly I find the missions are frustrating rather than exciting. The save system is a mess. You clear out a safe house and can then go there to save your progress... Except of course you have guard posts all over the road network manned by (SAS trained?) mercs who seem to have very very good eyesight and respawn within minutes of taking them down! It rather makes going to your base to save your progress- err problematic! Admittedly making you replay your mission progress when you get killed makes you realistically careful while fire fighting; "Oh God please keep me alive as I just did something clever and I want to save my progress back at base! Amen" But to be honest I just found it tiresome rather than anything else. I bought this on the strength of the original Far Cry p.c game which I enjoyed, but this just stinks compared to Half Life, FEAR, Quake, Modern Warfare, FO3 etc etc.

  2.  This is not Oblivion with guns..


    While I think Oblivion was a shallow, over too quick, poor reflection of Morrowind it makes ME look great. In ME the trees don't sway in the wind the grass is static and the total immersion killer.. you are playing FPS combat looking over the protagonists shoulder so blocking your pov left.. This may be a good RPG'er (I love RPG games) but compared to Unreal, Halo, Quake, Stalker even good old Serious Sam the combat is rubbish. And you can't even jump around on large rocks- you are just herded along the footpaths just like Neverwinter Nights 2- AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!


    So edit time...

    I've subsequently finished this game and am now 3/4 of the way through ME2. In hindsight my review was rather harsh, though the points I made about the environment were correct. This is a solid game, though in my mind it provides little scope for more than one or two play-throughs. It's one piece of utter brilliance is the conversation option wheel and cinematic third person view of the conversation you are having. That is perfection- good it was carried over to ME2!!

  3.  A requiem for LP??


    I was lucky enough not to buy this.. album. Thank you You-tube for that mercy! I have the other three studio albums and tickets for their up-coming tour. I'm not a rabid fan but I do like Linkin Park... I really hope they don't play any of these songs at the show! None of these tracks are catchy, none of them even feel like they will grow on me with replaying either. What a shame.

  4.  Painfull Oblivion meets Farcry in post-apocalyptic Russia!


    This is the best £10 I've spent in a very, very long time! (EDIT- no!!) It's fps with a hint of rpg thrown in, it looks good, plays well (NO!) and hosing down bandits with an AK or MP5 (sorry Viper 5!) is very satisfying (still true)... No downsides yet, but I've only played it for a few hours so far..

    For £10 it's worth it to anybody!!

    EDIT for downsides-

    1/ After a while each in-zone area load will take several minutes rather than be almost unnoticed like when you start playing (game immersion killer) no micropause like Oblivion here!

    2/ Patching the game invalidates all your save games and makes the trader items vastly more expensive to buy! Making a tough life even tougher...

    Edited down from 5 to 2 stars (assuming the game can be finished before it freezes solid...)

  5.  Linkin Park but evolved..


    In music it is evolve or die! Linkin Park have done a solid job of this album. Bleed it out is awesome and many of the other tracks are very good.. Ok they have moved on from Points of Authority but so has the world.

  6.  This is ok!


    I like Oblivion and have wasted lots of time in Tamriel (normally after getting a Quake 4 kicking). This game makes for a nice break from Oblivion. I'd agree 2W is no match overall for Oblivion (and by a margin!) but it has some good points. The armour is vastly better (prettier, more realistic) than Ob', as are the n.p.c faces. But combat is just left click ad infinitum till the fight ends.. It just leaves you feeling a bit empty. Stackable items for improvements in power is an interesting but rather unrealistic idea- does your character hammer those 14 Barbarian Beauty swords into one uber sword or tie them together?? It's silly. The voice acting is wonderfully over the top grand medieval, but too many forsooths and comes over as a bit camp and trying too hard...

    By all means buy and enjoy this game (in moderation you will enjoy it!), on XP it runs perfectly and is bug free, but wait till the price drops before you invest.

    Oh and leave the horses well alone- that way lies frustration and madness!!!