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  1.  Forget Playmobil! Lego is BETTER!!!


    This game is laugh-out-loud! Great to play, whether you are 5.. or older.. wise and nostalgic of the past like me! The cinematics are great, no voices (but hey! They are LEGOS right?!), but charismatics lego mumbling for dialogs that are so cute you'll love playing again and again..and again just to see them again!
    I remember my old-fashioned legos, the ones I used to play with..
    I remember the cops, the knights, the pirates.... and how I could mix them all together to create an original and unique lego, with a pirate's head and hook, a cop's hat and gun, yellow and green arms, red and black trousers, and a knight's blue cape... and all that was Great FUN!!!
    With Lego Star Wars 2, the Fun is back!! You can customize your legos undefinitely!
    Imagine Darth Vador's head assembled with Yoda's body and Chewbacca's legs...
    I let you guess what other crazy Frankenstein-ish lego you can think of!!
    And if you love Star Wars, (who doesn't?) well, you will love this game, its fun and familar cinematics, and most of all original SW music!!
    You'll never remember Star Wars the same way again!

  2.  'Old school'?? Oh yeeaah!! But so good!!


    I have bought the game last week and I am still playing it! As an explorer, I have played already more than 120h and I can assure you fella: it is worth every penny!!!!! You have so many things to do in it!! Challenges, battles to to win, allies to save, treasures to find, side quests.. or if you are simply not bothered, just follow the main storyline, it will still take you ages to finish. The story is pretty confusing and difficult to follow at the beginning as there are so many characters involved in so many betrayals you wish you'd never enter politics! But then, everything is unravelling nicely and you get a clear vision of what you have to do and who you can trust.. The game is quite hard at the beginning and you have to be a pretty good strategist to get hold of it, but if you do, you'll have to finish it.. by all means! The cinematics are awesome, the characters charismatics and the plots thrilling.. And the secrets? So many I am not going to spoil it for you, but.. Let's just say.. I have found some great and well known characters you will be amazed to play with!
    If you are a FFantasy fan, you will love it;
    A chess player? this game is designed for you;
    A Worms fan? Just BUY it!!!!
    One bad point though : That annoying camera!!