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  1.  It's alright... I suppose.


    I hear alot about these consoles breaking down, but I must say that in the years I have had my xbox, practically since it first came out, I have never had mine break down, even in the heat of the british summer, playing all day, non-stop, only sometimes will it overheat, but if you switch it off at the first signs of failing (melting graphics and freezing) you should be fine.

    Now, compared to a computer running a game at full spec, the graphics on the xbox are not all that great, even in HD, but are still acceptable for anyone who is not a video/audiophile. I can't compare to the PS3.. because I never bought one.

    Now to xbox live... tread carefully here, this service provided by microsoft is... alright, if you can handle premature kids screaming down the microphone, and if you feel like paying upto £4.99 a month for this (rather lacking) service, it's alright, you can sit and play games with your friends in an xbox live party all day long if you have the time.

    Another snag of xbox live is the downloadable content, games companies like bungie produce things like map packs after the games release, then charge 800 microsoft points for them and won't let you play your favourite halo 3 playlist until your fork out the cash... low brow if you ask me.

    Also with all this expesive downloadable content, you will need a much bigger hard drive than 20gb, upto 300gb if you plan on copying your games over to the hd and buying others over xbox live.

    Price 3/5
    Graphics 3/5
    Xbox Live 2/5
    Fun value 4/5
    Overall 3/5

  2.  Annoyingly addictive.


    This game, initially is great, amazing multiplayer, and an alright campaign. However, once you start to play a little more often, you begin to notice bugs, glitches, other annoying factors and exploits. Patches were released, but they have not helped at all, if anything they have made it worse, so online play is laggy, often glitchy and matchmaking is slow.
    There are a few maps included within the game, but if you really want variation, you need to buy the DLC map packs, which don't come cheap. That said, the gameplay is REALLY addictive and fun, but can get annoying. I would recommend this game however simply because of it's potential for fun. It's one of little games which take advantage of a proper cover system, like ranbow six vegas, if you liked that, you'll like Gears.

    Graphics 8/10
    Gameplay 7/10
    Campaign 6/10
    Multiplayer 9/10
    Value for money 3/10 (DLC is too expensive, and the gaame is too buggy)

  3.  Nice idea


    A very nice idea, graphics aer also very good, if you have a good machine, the storyline is alright and the gameplay is unique, but in a good way. For ths dirt cheap price, i would most definately buy it, i baught it because i was bored,a nd it was cheap. For a shooter, its not brilliant, but its still fun. Give it a try.

    Graphics: 8/10
    Storyline: 5/10
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Brilliance as a Shooter: 6/10

  4.  Very Impressive.


    In itself a very impressive game, for lower end machines it may not run too well, it has nice graphics for a game of its age, a interesting storyline all coupled with hours of fun gameplay, many endings and ways through the game result in a high replay-ability, its real potential is unlocked with the free official and unnofficial game patches. I have given this game 4 stars because the game out-of-box is good, but 5/5 with the patches.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Dialogue: 10/10
    Graphics: 7/10
    Replay Value: 10/10
    Storyline: 6.5/10
    Style: 10/10

  5.  It's Okay...


    Its alright, its got nice graphics, and the gameplay is quite fun, but everso repeptitive, and its not realistic either, perhaps thats the point of a game, but when there is a very obvious hiding place and the guards can't find you, it's too easy. Very easy game, no replay value, rubbish storyline and even worse ending.

    Graphics: 10/10
    Storyline: 4/10
    Replay Value: 3/10
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Overall: 3/5

  6.  Most dissapointing game of the century


    This game was not even close to living upto the high standards of it's predecessor, Fable 1. It was dissapointing because unless you buy a shed load of expensive downloadable content, requiring xbox live, and buy the limited edition, you don't get much at all, They removed the armours, and put much less emphasis on the unique weapons, they were rubbish compared to the regualr weapns for sale. Not to mention it is the easiest RPG and the shortest i have played for along time and could be completed within 6-8 hours. The magic system also has changed, and that is awkward to use.

    Gameplay: 6/10
    Graphics: 5/10
    Storline: 4/10
    Replay-Ability: 2/10
    Value for money: 1/10
    Voice-over acting: 10/10