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  1.  love it heaps


    i loved all of the sims and sims 2 games for the pc... but after months of playing them they do get a bit repetative and i hope it wont happen with this game as you do progress through the game. your sims have to get more skill points in order to travell to different islands and they hav to get creative in order to make different clothes.
    there are a few little things which get a bit annoying such as the need for music...my sims end up blowing into some shell every 10 minutes as they are desperate for some entertainment.... i'm also finding it more difficult to form relationships with my crewe members as they keep walking off to play with monkeys....but there are so many good point which simply over power the annoying points. loading time is much much faster than on the pc... on the pc i don't even dare to go on dates downtown as it will take my pc about 20 minutes to load downtown. the average loading time on the wii being about 5 seconds.
    oh yea if anyone finds out how to create workbenches so that you don't have to keep travelling back to the first island to craft ropes etc. please write it in a review thanks.
    this game is also ideal if you have 20 minutes spar before school or work as you can just craft some items or form relationships press save and leave. other games with more plot can't really just be played for a few minutes. another thing i've noticed is that it doesn't make good use of the wii remote....but that may change later on when you try to leave the island i don't know.

  2.  not what i hoped for


    it's just like any old playstation game. where you can't fall off cliffs or into holes even if you try really hard. it's simple as theres nothing to work out. you just walk through one level to the next. it's even less challenging than the old mario games on nintendo 64. the only good bit is the fighting but you just tend to swing the remote around and hope to kill the others before you run out of life (chicken).
    another good bit is johnny depps voice.....
    so the two stars are for the fighting which is fun to start with as well as johnny's voice and the jackarithms or whatever they are called.
    you should invest your money into zelda!!!