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  1.  truly amazing


    this game is so good i just love it especially with all the dlc !!!!!



    This movie got incredible reviews so I was really exited to see it and this is what I thought.it started really slow and had no real exitment.It was about half way throught when a bit of humour started to kick in but still a bit slow. the end well all i can say is its an epic batle wich made it worth going too.Even though it had one of the best battles in film it had a really slow start.I think that three stars is a suitable review ! ps its only my opinion

  3.  This Film Kicks Anthia !!!!


    One of the funniest films ive ever seen. the actors the crew the screenplay and the unforgetable music of KISS . this is a really genius film with lair and sturdy wings . and these are the reasons I gave it a 5 . oh and if someone asks you to try smoke what do you say............. say no thankyou illl have a minotour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    If you have seen the film you will understand the title of my review through the film there are rules like doule tap and buddy system which is hilarious. the acting is just spectacular. and most people dont know about the cameo if you dont want to know then skip to the next asteris *.the cameo is billl muray and you need to watch the bit with him in it it is one of the funniest bit in that film and maybe films altogether.*so this follows a character who is a tough guy to crack and is great with guns but his pupose on zombieland is to find the last box of the legendary twinkies. the origin of the zombies actually quite amusing. it all started with a homeless man who had saved up for a burger no luck for him as the burger contained a virus that turned him into a zombie who'd a thought ha.so I think this is a great film and would really recommend it if you are a fan of comedys with brainless cretures which want to rip humans apart or if you just like funny films.

  5.  Surprisinly Funny People !?!?


    I personolly am a big fan of jud atapow and especially seth rogen and when I heard they were making one about stand up comedians it didnt really know what to think. But it is a really funny film and it wouldnt be that without the fantastic talents of seth rogen , adam sandler and joanna hill. so is if you liked role models , knocked up , superbad or 40 year old virgin I would almost definayl buy it.

  6.  Glourious Film !


    Some people might say its to long some people might say its boring some people might sat theres to much talking well do you know what I say to that..........Nein Nien Nein.Its a great film wich is exiting action packed shocking and thrilling all thanks to the genius wich is Quentin Tarantino.The acting from brad pitt is also quite good so ye I guess I would recommend this film.

  7.  Exiting Film !!


    Most people would give this fim a 5 but there were some bits that got a bit repetitive to me and got a bit boring . But it still an amazing film set in the future where aliens have landed and live in a place called district 9 they live just like humans in the slums they have houses and have a weird posession for cat food but when a channel comes to do an interview and investigate something goes horribly wrong. this film is action packed which is fantastic but if youe a bit squemish then this isnt for you because there are some bits in this wich are just horrible and almost hard to watch but still if your man enough to watch disgusting things then I would go ahead and puchase it because it is one of the best films of 2009 !

  8.  Just as good as the first !!!


    When I first heard it was coming out I thought there was no way they could keep up with the standard of the first one but they did . I think that pixar are just genius the characters the story the music the cast the crewit is all just amazing. this will be a disney dvd to remember and if you have kids I would reall recommend the toy story series.



    This film is funny ,action packed, sad ,happy and may other thing. So I think it is worth every penny and now in 2 disc version well I dont think anyone can deny its a great deal .



    first we have campain with a fantastic storyline one of the best ive seen then we have the gameplay wich is astonashing the level clifhangar is one of the best levels in a game and the multiple equipment you have predetor drone,throwing knife,climbing tools ,laser vision ,night vision and the unforgetable claymores. then we have spec ops wich i admit can be frustrating at times but when you do it there is a real sense of achievment.and finaly multyplayer if you have psn/xbox live you are in for a trear there are titles emblems acolades killsteaks and much more and has a fantastic level up system.this is a game that i would really reccomend buying because i think it will last you as much as a game can !!!!!!!!!