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  1.  Brilliant album!


    Definitely a contender for my favorite album of last year (2009), a very easy album to listen to all the way through. I don't think there's a single song on the whole album I don't like the sound of.

  2.  A good listen


    Phoenix have been around for a while but this is their first album that has really broken into the mainstream. It seems like you can't go far without seeing that album cover (even on leaflets found in my local pub... random!).

    The album itself is a collection of catchy indie-pop with a slight electro twist, hardly surprising with the apparent popularity of electro music in France. The songs all flow nicely from one to the next and the lyrics are pretty good. I just wish it was longer!

  3. No Wow

    No Wow

    The Kills - CD

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     The Good one(s)


    The kills have so much style and character that it's almost impossible to mistake them for any other band. The Vocals delivered by "VV" coupled with the dirty guitar sound provided by "Hotel" are a perfect match.

    This album is slighty slower and less instumental than the other two albums they have released ("Keep on your mean side" and "Midnight Boom") but thats just part of it's charm.

    There are loads of stand out tracks on this album that I can't really pick my favorites (i'd probably just end up listing every track).

    It's definetly an album I would recommend to anyone that likes stylish dirty rock.

  4.  Brilliant, love it.


    LCD soundsystem are just incredible, they hit all the right buttons in my head. The vocals delivered by James Murphy are just effortlessly amazing and the beats are great and so is everything else about their music. I love it all.

    It's slightly less dancy than their last album but just as good. The songs that stand out in my mind are; Time to get away, All my friends, Watch the tapes and New york (a beautiful track).

    Great album.

  5.  Not bad... I suppose.


    At first I was pretty disapointed with this album, I really loved WAS's first album and this is just... different, really not what I was expecting. Not Worse really but not better. It took me a while to get into (I could probably do with giving it more time to grow on me) and there were some songs that I haven't listened to much because they just dont appeal to me. For some reason a few of the songs on this album remind me of OK GO but maybe thats just me. Not an album i would recommend to anyone really.

  6.  I just love it!


    I just can't stop listening to this album, since I bought it a few weeks ago I haven't really listened to much else. It takes no time at all to get into with it's stylish guitar sound and good use of a drum machine to create some catchy beats. You can really feel the chemesty between the two band members "VV" (Alison Mosshart) and "Hotel" (Jamie Hince) in the music. Almost every song stands out so i can't really pick out my favorites. You just need to get this album.

  7.  Great little MP3 player.


    I bought one of these after considering to buy an Ipod for quite some time, I wasn't disapointed.

    It's easy to use with a great User interface, it's easy to put your music on to (just drag and drop, no other software is needed although software does come with it), its small and looks great and the fact it has an SD slot means if you do manage to fill up the 8 gig then you can just stick in another 8 gig (or more) SD card and double the memory for a small cost.

    I'd recommend this nice little peice of kit to anyone, 2 of my friends and my dad have already bought one!

  8.  Not impressed.


    I bought a small size T-shirt because I like my shirts fitted and not loose but the Small size is huge compared to other size small tshirts. At first I thought I had been sent the wrong size but then I found a small "s" beside the label. Despite the T-shirt being a bit big it's still nice and the design is great.

  9.  New to feeder? Buy This!


    This really is the best of Feeder, all on one CD! If maybe you're not sure about the band then this is the CD for you. Well worth picking up. Great band.

  10.  Great first album


    As soon as I heard "Kick, Push" I knew I had to have this album, then I heard "Daydreamin'" and it pretty much sealed the deal. Lupe's lyrics are brilliant and every song flows just how you want it to, such a great listen and takes no time to get into at all. You have to have this album. That simple.