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  1.  Great game


    Purely based on the original "Super Mario 64" its got some extra features and more stars to collect. I completed Mario 64 (120 stars) when i was quite young so playing it on the ds with different characters and more mini games really is a treat. A great buy for the ds

  2.  For that price its great


    £9.99 is an excellent price for a ds game. Although the single player for this game is fairly boring and repetitive it is brought up for me to a 4 star of its amazing multiplayer with lots of maps and different game types with up to 8 people who even don't need to own the game. A fair Buy.

  3.  The name "Mario Kart" really is all you need to know.


    A great game which includes around 16 new grand prix maps and 16 of the best maps from the previous versions. It will keep you going for a while to complete all the cups, unlock all the characters and cars. Really fun online and local with up to 4 people going for it. Another MUST have for the ds.

  4.  A DS classic


    this is a must game if you own a ds or lite. The gameplay is new with graphics but sticks to the original fun. Lots of secrets to keep you guessing for a long time. Great selection of mini games which is really fun to play 4 player. Really addictive and it can last you a good 4-6 hours running through the game. But all the secrets and the 3 special stars to collect to unlock more stuff will keep the game going for even longer. A good buy.

  5.  MTW just got a whole lot better!


    The game just shows the total war series at its best. Multiplayer campain with a mate is seriously fun, play with 1 or 5 friends as you take on the new campains and with the improvement of the original campain to play multiplayer as well. All of the new campains are great some being easier than others but not to take lightly. No faults with the game. If you have the original this is a must!

  6.  Fun, Addictive and Fast paced but better than Battlefield?


    Ive played the demo alot (5 hours straight at one time). If you like the previous ET game such as Wolfenstein then this is a game to get. With the standard five classes soldier,medic,engineer,support and covert ops. You can destroy your opponents many many more ways than 1. You can literally nuke them with the supports artillery. Or you could get the head shots with the sniper as CO. With a battlefield style of play its truly a good game. Also the little objectives that your squad can be set are a nice addon rather than just capture the outpost.

    Although is it really better than battlefield series. In my opinion its not quite there as some weapons and artillery are a little over powered. And the squad combat isn't as good.

  7.  The inventors of rts have made another great


    Yes thats right probably one the best rts out there at the moment competing with the likes of MTW and such. Using the original command and conquer way to build makes it such a fast paced fun game. With a not so cheesy story as the older versions. Multiplayer is good too as you can advance through the ranks and become the best commander with 70+ ranks.

    Although the friends feature online is slightly buggy.