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  1.  Hi Friend, this album is amazing.


    After preordering this and using his first album to keep me going till this arrived i must say the wait was well worth it. Whereas 'Random album title' was a good album, it could seem some of the songs lasted far too long, but with the introduction of Vocals and just fresh new uptempo music this album is extremely fun and addicting to listen to. If you liked his first album, then you'll love this.

  2.  Changed, but not for the better.


    No longer do you retrace your paths going back and forth to different rooms looking for puzzle objects. No longer are you walking down creepy dark carriage ways or corridors. No longer are you shooting zombies, BUT its still a fairly good game.

    Resident evil 5 is not like a cross between resident evil 4 and devil may cry. Rather than a constant area in which you roam, you not go through different chapters (levels). The zombies are no more 'zombie like' but similiar to junkies chasing you for money. saying this though, the game itself is still rather fun, with amazing grahics and a great storyline. Even if it does seem unscary and predictable at times. Buy it, you might like, but you will need to buy it if you want to see the end of a long running and twisting resident evil storyline.

  3.  What did people expect?


    Iv been reading all these reviews about how kz2 has been a let down to the hype there was about the game, all i want to know is, what did people expect?
    Graphics are amazing, gameplay just somehow feels better than the likes of cod4 and waw, storyline is great and online is a lot of fun. But with call of duty 4 being such a great game, i feel it ruined the roads that an fps can now actualy take. Kz2 like cod is mostly aimed at the online play, with customization and classes and ranks etc. What im trying to say is, if you loved cod4, you'll love this just as much. I bet if kz2 came out before cod4, people would be saying cod4 didnt meet up to its expectations. Buy this game



    I'm very confused with the above review as he obviously was not playing the same game as i was when reveiwing this. This game is amazing, and can be played successfully all by the use of voice command. No point and click here, just quick simple voice commands and you watch airstrikes fly in and destroy they enemies tanks. Graphics i must say are brilliant and use the ps3 to a very high useage. Gameplay is very fun, like i said, using your voice to solely complete a level really does make you feel like a commander of war. The way this game has been made to use the voice command really does make this a well worth buying game. On the other hand, if you dont have a microphone, you may get a little bored and frustrated trying to move through the menus just to simply tell a unit to move to 'A'.
    well worth buying this game if you are a strategy fan, especially as this game is rather unique.

  5.  Ok...BUT


    After playing this game on single player and multi-player I have come to a conclusion. The single player is good with a very exciting storyline and the multi-player is extremely fun. BUT...the single player is far too short...and the real let down for me has to be the ONLINE. OMG, this game has been solely forgotten on the PC version and aimed at the console market, this is so unlike the previous CoD's. No ranking system, no prestiging system, and even some of the perks such as Eavesdrop and Steady Aim are aimed to be used on the console. What a waste in my opinion.

    Buy it, as it is good, but wait till you get bored of the same thing online is all i can say.