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  1.  Solid, but needs fine tuning!


    Was very pleased with this game, especially as the last Obsidian game i played was the shocking KOTOR2.

    It has a fairly solid, multiple choice storyline, and you can choose the game to be a serious spy thriller, a suave James Bond-esq one-liner type of spy story, or a hardcore blood and guts shot 'em up spy game. The point is that you can tailor the game like you can do with many games, like Dragon Origins and Mass effect, but with Alpha protocol's spy thriller driven themes it adds a very new dimension to the storytelling of the Spy-game genre. On that note, the game itself feels very much like a cross between the Bourne Films, the Film Spygame, and some of the more sophisticated Bond films.

    The gameplay is quite solid, where you can level-up the skills you want to level up, if you like the Splinter Cell style creeping around with a few distractions to boot, you can play the whole game that way, if you love the Guns and Bombs approach then thats fine too, with five different weapon types, loads of mods for your guns and a fair few good special moves to go with it.

    You have a fairly well designed character interaction system worked out in the game too, with a different styles of speech available to intimidate or charm, get to the point or dodge questions etc. But you can also gather intel on people or the groups the work for, to find out personality traits to convince people to help you, or to find out what angers them to help provoke them into doing something you want, like lead you to others that your really looking for.

    Has a few bad points though, graphics could do with a touch up as things reder a bit slowly, maybe sit in the wrong position etc. More at the end could be done to prolong the game to a more satisfying conclusion over some elements (alhtough the end is pretty satisfying). A multiplayer would be nice too.

    Overall though a solid, fresh game, whose benefits outweigh the cons dramatically.

  2.  Great action, Good fun, Poor story.


    I've got to admit i was very plesantly surprised with this game. Its stylish, cool, gorey, witty at times, and just doesnt seem to get dull.

    First off the Graphics are very good, not Mass Effect 2 good, but pretty high. The characters are fun to listen to/play as, the endless and almost seemless way you can link moves together is emmensly fun, not to mention weapon combinations on both your hands and feet, making for a very fun and refreshing experience each time you play, as you can adjust to your tastes and try out something new every time. The music is good along with the fights, there are loads of hidden items and secrets to find, not too mention secret arena battles! If you liked DMC4 you'll LOVE this!

    Bad points; The plot makes absolutely no sense, really a monkey could have done a better job! But the gameplay more than makes up for it, and its not so bad that you have no idea where you are and what your doing.... you just never know why lol.

    Other than that it is an excellent game, if your not sure about it still, download the demo to see how fun it can be! It definately turned my opnion around.

  3.  Very, Very good!


    I'm a total game junkie, and on average buy a new game about every week, and this has got be be easily one of the best xbox games money can buy. The plot is good, makes sense without being to simplistic, the fights are fluid and enjoyable without being repetative, you can tackle different problems in different ways, x-ray vision, this game litterally has it all!
    Graphics are excellent, the music suits the atmosphere well, the characters like the Joker make you laugh, characters like the Killer Croc are scarry, its well balanced and finely tuned to not be too dark, but not be a kids game either!
    Cant rate this game highly enough, so buy buy buy!

  4.  An ok shooter, but NOT a resident evil


    This game is a good over the shoulder, 3rd person shooter, but my god, it is not a resident evil game, and if you've ever played a Resi game before RE4, your going to be in for a disapointment.

    The graphics are good, and the sounds are pretty standard. The Vs mode and mercanaries are REALLY good, and saves the game essentially, where u can have hours of endless fun on your own or paired up, and so if you like that its a decent buy and probably worth it. Its pretty much your average Run and Gun, which might be your thing, and if you don't like heavy plots but mowing down repetitive swarms of enemies then you like it too.

    However if you've played RE0, RE1, RE2, RE3, RE; Code Veronica, the game makes little or no sense, where there are officially no zombies... ever.... all gone, you get some lickers but thats about it. Instead you get to try and shoot some really unscary nutters (usually in t-shirts and shorts) hopping all over the place, in bright well lit area's, making it look more like the local football fans are trying to have a riot, rather than you're in the middle of a terrifying scene of bio-terrorism and monsters. Its pointless to use about 1/3rd of all the weapons in the game, such as the machine gun, as they do barely any damage and you rely on your partner to dish out the damage or become a decoy, making you waste ammo, time and effort.

    There is virtually no suspense to the game either, the levels are all in straight lines, with a very clear begining and end, and about 3 puzzles in the whole game. That is not what a resident evil is!! Resident evil's had back tracking and puzzles, high-tech labs and classic mansions, what RE5 has in a few run down villages and some grotty underground ruins, with no suspense and no scares, where you can complete the game very quickly and be sick of the plot, which doesn't really sync up with either the general plot of the Resi series, or with RE4 either. The characters are flat and your partner pretty useless other than being a decoy or somewhere to dump your ammo.

    Whilst the whole resident evil series has had a pretty outlandish and comic-bookish style to it, RE5 takes it too far and doesn't really deliver, just making the whole thing seem like a poor adaptation or spin off of the originals... its like the RE series is the show 'Friends' and RE5 is the spin off show 'Joey'; where its trying to take the bits people like, but make it too shallow and cobbled together.

    However as you can tell this is a really bias review, i'm a fan of survival horrors, like the orignal RE and Dead Space, and so thats why i think this isn't really a RE. BUT its got its good points, the Merc and Vs modes are awsome, and gives a lot more re-play value, with mindless run and gun tactics. However if you want a game with some actual depth DON'T get this game, get any of the original RE games, quite a few have been remade for the Wii and GC.