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  1.  Brilliant


    Very, very funny - I definitely recommend getting this, particularly if you enjoyed the TV show. Have listened to the first two episodes so far and am looking forward to the rest.

  2.  OK book, sploilt by unclear diagrams


    The author clearly knows a great deal about the subject and is able to convey it in an interesting and entertaining manner, however for me the book was spoilt by the poor chessboard illustrations used throughout - it is often hard to tell the white pieces from the black as they are both drawn in shaded grey with shadows on a blue and white board, which is a shame as simple black and white diagrams would have made this much more appealing.

  3.  A very handy book


    I bought this book as an introduction to SQL, and it is written in a straightforward enough way that everything made sense to me without having much background knowledge of the subject. Now that I've been using SQL for a while, I still find this a very useful reference book to check how various functions work.

  4.  A good selection of magic tricks


    Inside this collection are ten sets of special cards, with just a few cards in each, which are used for performing specific tricks, although with some of them the cards can be used for many more of your own invention. Most of these sets produce fairly good effects, and the tricks for a couple of them, namely "Colour Changing Kings to Aces" and "The Incredible Jumping Jack", are easy to perform and very impressive. Some of the others require a bit more practice, but it is worth it for the results.

    Also included are two decks of cards, a Svengali one and a regular one, and handily enough the design on the back is the same for each (and it actually looks like the back of a real pack of cards). This is also the case for the special cards mentioned previously, which is useful if you are performing a mixture of tricks. A special box is included which (among other things) is used to switch the gimmicked cards for regular ones, although it is a bit too small to easily get the cards out afterwards, and is also unnecessarily deep when it is being used to switch cards.

    Full instructions are given for all the special card sets, along with a guide to many more tricks and information on card handling techniques. All in all this is well worth the money and provides plenty of fun.

  5.  A great book


    A really good, interestingly-written introduction to coin magic, this book is nicely put together with some helpful illustrations, and although it refers to American money throughout, it has a guide at the front to show you how big all the different coins are so you can work out which English ones to use instead. Also, at the back of the book it has some challenges / puzzles to do with coins as well, which adds a bit of variety.

  6.  Pretty good marked cards


    These cards are pretty good, not sure about them being 'undetectable' though as the markings are fairly obvious, but if you're not looking for them you probably wouldn't see them. And the cards don't feel too shabby either, so all in all a good purchase.