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  1.  Disappointingly Mediocre


    After all the hype that has surrounded this film and the brilliance of the books that it stems from, I expected a dazzling, exciting and powerful movie. However, what I personally found was that the film was disappointingly anodyne. The problem with films of this high media exposure is that they often don't live up to the praise, and so I must say that I may have found this film more entertaining (maybe even four star worthy) if it hadn't been for the disappointment I felt.

  2.  Amazing.


    This film has gone straight into my top 20 favourite movies of all time. A well-made remake of the 1971 film 'The Omega Man', I Am Legend is an action-packed monster of a film that keeps you on literally the edge of your seat till the very end. A must see for any film fan, but beware - you may be scared of the dark for weeks afterwards...

  3.  Average.


    This is a good album overall; however it just isn't particularly amazing in any way. There are some very catchy songs such as 'Golden Touch' and other heavier songs such as 'In the City' that are outstanding, but overall the album is simply average.

  4.  An Absolute Classic.


    This (in my humble opinion) is the second greatest album ever made, second only to The Who's other album 'Who Are You'. Pushing the boundaries of popular music from the beginning of the album with the song 'Baba O'Riley' and its 75 second introduction, through to the beautiful 'The Song is Over' and ending with legendary 'Won't Get Fooled Again'; this album has it all and hits home like a ten tonne freight train. Turn the volume up and bask in the glory of an album that sounds as fresh as if it had been released yesterday, but is over thirty five years old.

  5.  Absolutely Amazing.


    Although most would say that it is 'Who's Next'; I believe that this is by far the best Who album. For me it is the best album ever made. From the explosive opening of 'New Song' to the mellow yet powerful '905' and ending with the powerful 'Who Are You' this album blasts into the middle of your body, filling you with the excitement of a new band, but from an album that is thirty years old.

  6.  Rather Spiffing!


    If you don't already know, Skins is the tale of a group of friends as they embark upon a drug, sex and alcohol fuelled ride through their two years at Roundview Sixth Form College in Bristol. Firstly, I will recommend that you watch series one of this programme before series two, as the story continues directly on from the first, and will be confusing if watched separately. Anyway, now for the review... as many of my fellow reviewers have already pointed out, this series of Skins was absolutely brilliant. However, I am only bestowing four stars upon it because, (again as some of the other reviewers have highlighted) some of the episodes just doesn't quite live up to the legend which was the first series of Skins. At the same time, I must say that it was a very wise move to end the stories of the current characters there, as it could have dragged on if another series was made about them. Finally, I will say that although I gave it four stars, it really should have four and a half, as it has a real feeling of 'Skinsness' to it and is generally amazing. Certainly a 'must-watch' programme.