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  1.  Rubbish.


    I had to write a review because I was astonished at how many good reviews this film received. First of all, it's definitely a young kids film. Before you say "well duh, it's animated" just stop right there. Pixar films are both entertaining for people of all ages. This film is made by a company called Illumination Entertainment, the animation is fantastic as can be expected but I found the story to be completely predictable, not very funny and really quite boring.

  2. Dirt


    Kids In Glass Houses - CD

    28 New from  £4.95  Free delivery

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     The best album I've heard in ages.


    I bought this album with the opinion that Kids In Glass Houses were alright, not bad, they have some good songs but as the title says, this is literally the best album I've heard in ages. EVERY song is great! I can't believe NME slated Undercover Lover with Frankie Sandford, it's such a great catchy song if you can listen to music with an open mind. This album still has much of the KIGH unique sound but with a much faster pace. Artbreaker II has a killer solo in it, I only wish more of their songs had solos in. I can't break down the album anymore really all the songs are as good as each other, if you like the singles then you'll love the album.

  3.  Great!


    I got this sent from America a while back. These are two really great games and they've been "remastered" into HD quality and they do look fantastic apart from the pre rendered cut scenes which don't look too great but that's only a minor detail. The quality could easily stand up to some newer PS3/360 games. Most of all I can't believe these games are only 18 pounds! Such a ridiculously good deal. Some parts of the game are quite hard to work out if you haven't played them before though.

    Definitely worth buying!

  4.  Green Day = Rock N' Roll!


    I wrote a review for this a few days ago but never seemed to appear, anyway.

    This album is fantastic, there is a lot more piano and slower songs than on American Idiot but it somehow still follows a similar style to AI. Green Day have transformed their usual powerchord punk madness into a really brilliant rock n' roll album. My favourite songs being Viva La Gloria, Murder City and Christians Inferno. The album ranges from slow piano songs such as Last Night On Earth to a very western style Peacemaker to a Foxboro Hot Tubs inspired Horseshoes and Handgrenades and finally to the very fast paced songs that we know Green Day for such as Murder City.

    This truly is a great album, the more and more I listen to it the more and more it grows on me. Please buy this album!

  5.  Boring & Predictable


    Poor storyline. No where near as good as the first one, or even the second one. Everything was very predictable and many lines from the film were very similar to that of the previous films.

    I just wasted an hour and half of my life on this film. If you really really have to buy this film please don't waste more money on the Blu ray version and just buy the DVD.

  6.  Awesome


    This band is so underrated and under played! They have some amazing songs and this album is probably their best.

    So Happy. Not Meant To Be and Bad Girlfriend are the best in my opinion but most of the others are almost as good.

    Definatley buy this if you're looking for something different.

  7.  Extremely boring.


    Lets get this right. Do not think of this as the Arctic Monkeys live, (even though it is!) think of it more as.. the Arctic Monkeys just playing their songs.

    For a start, they don't really move at all on stage, don't really talk to the crowd, they act like they don't want to be there (especially Alex) and there is NO atmosphere. Let me repeat that last part because I have to stress that there is absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever! They have been recorded so that the noise of the crowd has been cut out although not over dubbed but recorded so it just sounds like its 4 guys in a room with no audience or anyone else there apart from the odd moment of screams between songs.

    Singing and playing is perfect but like I said it's very boring to watch.

  8.  Boring. Very boring.


    I didn't expect much from this album and it managed to meet my low expectations of yet another boring Oasis album. I dont know how anyone could class this album as "Rock" because it was definately far from it.

    If Oasis ever has the balls or the musical talent to go back to times when they made good music (Whats the story, Morning Glory? And Definately Maybe) then I would definately have higher expectations.

    But lets face it, Oasis have made it quite clear that their older stuff can never be topped..

  9.  Incredible


    Ill be clear with this. I don't read much and I was forced to read this book for School.
    I came away thinking that this was the work of a genius. This book is absolutely fantastic, its witty and sarcastic and everything that a good book should be. This book is my favourite book of all time.

    I would kill to see a film adaptation of this book or even better star in it myself, but thats another story! Buy this book no matter what age you are and you will appreciate it.

  10.  Not bad.


    I purchased this game after playing half of the 1st game on my PC before it became unbearable to run with all the lag.

    I thought although this game was very similar to the first it was very enjoyable and overall a good game. The price is very low at the moment and it will keep you entertained for sometime so I definately reccomend this game!

    I cant wait for the next in the series with a similar style just out of Vegas :)